Book Promotion: The Forbidden Cuisine by Kevin Anthony

Today’s book promotion comes from Kevin Anthony and his book called The Forbidden Cuisine. If you like Horror Novels, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

the forbidden cuisine

Book: The Forbidden Cuisine
Author: Kevin Anthony
Contemporary Fantasy, Horror

Publisher: Amazon KDP
Format: ebook
Release Date:

“I sat on the edge of my seat reading it!”- Hall of Fame, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer, Matthew G. Sherwin.

Damien Cooper’s mind is a bit fucked up.

His condition takes his senses to new heights and makes him a walking caution. The changes don’t stop as Damien’s high school sweetheart adopts an abnormal appetite and his mother becomes obsessed with the self-help book Feast, Stray, Love.

Damien strives to tame his mind but a feud involving an overzealous preacher and a cross-dressing businessman, the deadly rise of a fast-food chain and many unusual events provide unnecessary distractions.

The culinary student’s love life and career in the kitchen are put into jeopardy, but is he willing to literary blow up any obstacle in his way to maintain his happy?

Go ahead, take the first bite.

The Author:

Q & A:

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
If you have a hobby besides writing, write a book about that hobby. I also love cooking and decided to write a book about kicking with my own special twist.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?

I want to thank Kevin Anthony for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read The Forbidden Cuisine!

Blog Tour and Giveaway: War Kids by H J Lawson

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Welcome to the first ever Kickstarter Blog Tour – so what is Kickstarter?

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4. Creators keep 100% ownership of their work.

Backers are supporting projects to help them come to life, not to profit financially. Instead, project creators offer rewards to thank backers for their support. Backers of an effort to make a book or film, for example, often get a copy of the finished work. A bigger pledge to a film project might get you into the premiere — or a private screening for you and your friends. One artist raised funds to create a wall installation, then gave pieces of it to her backers when the exhibit ended.

5. Creative works were funded this way for centuries.

Mozart, Beethoven, Whitman, Twain, and other artists funded works in similar ways — not just with help from large patrons, but by soliciting money from smaller patrons, often called subscribers. In return for their support, these subscribers might have received an early copy or special edition of the work. Kickstarter is an extension of this model, turbocharged by the web.

6. Backing a project is more than just giving someone money.

It’s supporting their dream to create something that they want to see exist in the world. People rally around their friends’ projects, fans support people they admire, and others simply come to Kickstarter to be inspired by new ideas. Some projects take longer than anticipated, but creators who are transparent about issues and delays usually find their backers to be understanding.

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We believe that creative projects make for a better world, and we’re thrilled to help support new ones. Building a community of backers around an idea is an amazing way to make something new.

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Alright, now for the amazing book that have enlisted with Kickstarter.



Author: HJLawson

Genre: Contemporary

Audience: Young Adult






glitter maker

When fourteen-year-old Jada wakes up in a hospital, the last thing she thinks is that her life has completely changed forever. But when the very real civil war forces her to flee from every open space, she must use the firearm skills her father taught her to reunite with him and protect herself.

Armed with a single gun and a key to an unknown locker, Jada crosses Syria on a journey with a group of children called the Fearless Freedom Fighters. With the leader, Zak, they mount a plan to rescue their fathers while they try to cope with the merciless murders of their families. As Jada and Zak lead the group together, love blossoms, but with soldiers hot on their tail, they need to stay vigilant in the face of war.

WAR KIDS – deals with the very real crisis of the ongoing Syrian Civil War through the eyes of young children as they try to stay strong despite the overwhelming presence of death. The novel provides a number of perspectives from young characters as they deal with the deaths of their families, the destruction of their villages and their ongoing need to survive.

Chapter 1
Wake Up. Run.

“Wake up. Run.”

Jada wake up! I scream to myself.

Taking a breath in to prepare myself for what I was about to see, millions of tiny molecules fly up my nostrils, tickling the inside as they move. I can taste the particles. What is this familiar taste? It reminds me of when I was playing, with chalk outside on the street and licking my finger by mistake. It took all the moisture from my mouth and left an unpleasant taste in return. Where am I?

A cold shiver runs over my body. Why do I feel like I’m covered in dust? Why was chalk dust in the air? What’s happened? My father never trained me for this, are they going to kidnap me the same as they did with my father?

My terrified eyes are unwilling to see what awaits me. With a blink of my eyes, like the flash of a lightning bolt a scene of unthinkable horror in front of me.

Chaos unfolds in front of my eyes; there is a blurred image of a boy younger than me stands trembling at the end of my bed, with a bewilderment look on his face covered in dust with tears streaking down his face. I can see his dazzling white teeth as he screams…

Why can I not hear him? Oh, my god what has happened to the poor child he looks petrified. Where is his Mother? Where is mine? The only sounds I can hear are my pounding heart. Do not know if this is a horrible nightmare or not?

Frantically looking around for Mother, she not here, why am I here alone? Mother I need your help, I’m lying on a hospital bed, how could she leave me here?

With a sheet of grey dust over my body, it is just settling on my face. It feels like when my mother and I would play dress up, she would add blush to my cheeks. I wish I could go back to happier times, to before the war, the time when I could be just a child those times have gone.

Questions begin to fly through my waking brain, why I am in the hospital? Who brought me here? Where is my Mother? Is she alive? God I’m frightened to death, but at least I’m alive.

Scanning the hospital, the grey walls like a snowy day in the city, yet they crumble in front of my eyes. A blaring light fights against the protective cover of the few blind slats on the window that survived the attack. Where is the light coming from it’s the middle of the night? Is my mind playing tricks on me?

I long for the smell of harsh cleaning solvents that fill your nostrils when you go to the doctors instead of the death I can smell around me.

Shifting uneasily on the bed, the plastic material squeaking against my sticky, sweaty skin, no I have to stay quiet and not draw attention to me.

I look to the bed next to me. The ceiling light has fallen down onto the bed, and sparks are flying out of the ceiling. I see the same dusty grey layer over the bed as mine, but this dust is turning blood red. I glance to the top of the bed where an elderly man is slumped. As the light sparks, I can see him more clearly. Large overgrown eyebrows on his small wrinkled face, blood, was seeping through his clothes. He is dying in front of me.

He is staring at me; I stare back; we’re both frozen in shock. Not daring to speak, his dark eyes hold my gaze. His thin, straight lips start to slowly part. Fear floods across my body. Please don’t make a sound, I beg with my eyes and shake my head.

The old man’s eyebrows rise up, and he silently opens his mouth and mimes “RUN”. Panic fills my body the hairs on the back my neck begins to prickle to the rhythm of my terrified heart. Someone help me, anyone I cannot do this. My body becomes rigid frozen in fear.

I have to move! get out of here before they get me, my body coming back to me I’m ready to take my fear on brushing the debris and dust from my face and body, and slowly shift myself to the edge of the bed, my legs are numb with a tingling feeling in my toes. My body is weak, but I have to stay strong.

As I look down on the floor beside me, where my feet are about to hit the ground, I see a body. The dust-covered body lies motionlessly; it is the caring lady doctor, the one who was looking after me – Faith. I can see glimpses of her golden strands of hair through the dust.

She isn’t moving. Is she alive? Not Faith! I remember hear soft caring voice as I faded in and out of consciousness, and the blurred image of her face peering over me, telling me everything would be okay and that she would protect me like a beautiful angel and now her lifeless body lays on the hospital floor. Tears pour down my face.

The silence shatters screams fill the air. I rush to cover my ears, the screams are unbearable. My mind is being drowned with gut reaction screams of pain filling the room; there are just too many of them I want to run, away from their pain I can’t help them, but I can’t leave them to suffer. This is not a dream; this is really life nightmare.

Light beams hit my face, drawing my attentions away from the screams. Swiftly, I turn my head and see the door open. As my eyes adjust to the blazing truck lights, I begin see the shadows in the doorway. I can’t stay I have no choice.

Shadows have become apparent, standing silently by the door. Soldiers are standing in the doorway, a sea of blue helmets with sage and brown camouflage, with black jackets to projecting their heartless bodies, faces covered by gas masks. Why do they have masks on, what are they going to do to us? There is a deep sound from them breathing into the masks. Their belts bulge with water bottles. I’m so thirsty just one tiny drop of water and the taste of chalk would be out of my mouth.

Big black boots stand among the debris, sturdy, confident. Each holds a large gun hand over the long barrel, the other over the trigger, ready for the attack. My heart skips a beat at the sight of them; there are too many of them even if I had my gun, I wouldn’t be able to kill them all, but I would be able to kill enough to hold them of so I can make a clear run for it. My father was teaching me how to use a gun before they he was kidnapped that were over a year ago, when I was thirteen. All I wanted to do was stay in bed and cry, but Mother dragged me out forcing me to continue, I would lash out at her why could she not just leave me to grieve for my father. I’m a perfect shoot now.

“Run child, run!” the elderly man screams to me, the color has completely drained from his face. Leaping off the bed, with my hands balled into fists, forgetting the Faith is lying on the hospital floor. “Ouch” She lets out a scream of pain as I land on her. Clumsily falling to the floor beside her but she is alive. She is alive. As I lie next to her, I stare into each her tear filled eyes, the sound of footsteps get closer.

“Faith I’m so sorry, what’s happening?” I frantic ask Faith, Oh no they are going to take me; I’m helpless without my gun. I don’t have much time.

“Run!” she screams. “RUN!”

Springing up from the ground the bewildered child is in front of me, without thinking I take his arm; I’m not leaving him with them! The young boys screaming stops; I think from the shock of me grabbing him. The soldiers are coming; they are bloody coming!

“Come on we have to run,” I scream at him, God I’m screaming at this terrified children, he looks like he’s been dragged through mud, he’s filthy.

Nooo…… the solider has the boy’s arm and his pulling him away from me. “Ouch” the boy yells out in pain, oh no we are hurting him, he’s being used as a human rope.

“Get off him!” It feels like a golf ball is in my mouth; I stutter as I squeal, the boys eyes look like they are going to pop out in pain! “Leave him alone you are hurting him!” I scream.

The solider is too strong no please, please let go; I cannot hold on to him. The solider continues to pull at the boy. With one fast swoop, the boy is out of my hand, and the solider picks him up in his arms.

The boy begins to scream, thrashing is arms and legs in a violent rage he looks possessed.

“Leave him alone you are hurting him!”

“Kid we are here to help, I mean you no harm.” The solider informs me as he marches out of the hospital taking the boy. Here to help?! Does he think I’m crazy? The room begins to spin, my mind cannot handle this, oh God, they are moving forward, they soldiers are coming from me now!

Turning away from the soldiers and start to run, not looking back at the boy I left behind, Jada you have no choice, but to leave him, they are too strong for you there is nothing you could do. Remember what Mother told you, you cannot protect everyone; karma will punish the evil demons. I tell myself; I’m right, but it doesn’t make me feel any better, the poor people what will the soldiers do to them, Oh God Faith is alive, what will they do to her? I heard they have been kidnapping westerns and requesting money from their government.

I have to keep moving it’s the only going to get out of here alive. Bodies are laid out on the floor; tiny bodies wrapped in blankets covered with grey dust. What the hell is going on! These are children; there are so many bodies, what did they do to deserve this? Why would anyone kill them? Trying not to disturb the bodies as I move; linger on every step. I don’t want to cause the bodies any more pain; they have already been through enough.

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  Help contribute to this wonderful book and bring it to life by pledging -
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Hayley Lawson is the author of War Kids. She has written a young adult contemporary novel set in Syria; a story about the Syrian Civil war though the eyes of children.

She was born in Lancaster, England. Growing up in a single parent household with five other siblings; was hard, and also character building.

Diagnosed with dyslexic at an early age, she always believed if you work hard you can do anything you want. If she didn’t know how to do something she would research until she did.

As a young child she found a passion for drawing, and continued this into adulthood, graduating from the University of Central Lancashire, England with a BA(Hons) in fashion design.

At aged twenty seven, Hayley and her husband packed up their belongings for a lifelong dream to move to California. Her America dream was complete with the birth of her daughter. Her passing for traveling, continued after the birth of her daughter traveling around America with the family, and the best travelled dog.

A new job positioned opened up New York, and the family decide to relocate to Long Island, NY, which is where she currently resides.

On August 21 she was moved by the images of the Syrian conflict, and embarked on a unlikely journey of writing her first novel.

She is currently working on the War Kids sequel, an adult’s comedy and a children’s book with her daughter.
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Book Promotion: How To Lose A Dunlap Belly by Dexter Poin

Today’s book promotion comes from Dexter Poin and his book called How To Lose A Dunlap Belly. If you like Health books, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

Book: How To Lose A Dunlap Belly
Author: Dexter Poin
Health, fitness and dieting

Publisher: Dexter Poin
Format: ebook
Release Date:

This book is not based on hype, theories, and new fly by night fads. Many people are suffering from a Dunlap belly. For most people this is entirely fixable. This book helps to guide you in the right direction and addresses the root causes of Dunlap belly,and gives honest and practical solutions to how to go about losing it.

I want to thank Dexter Poin for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read How To Lose A Dunlap Belly!

Book Promotion: New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks From Matthew-Revelation by Alicia Aiken

Today’s book promotion comes from Alicia Aiken and her book called New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks From Matthew-Revelation. If you like Bible Trivia, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

 new testament trivia

Book: New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks From Matthew-Revelation
Author: Alicia Aiken
Christianity, Religion, Study Guide and Bible Trivia

Format: Paperback and eBook

Calling all Bible scholars and novices too, if you enjoy testing your Bible knowledge or if you want to learn Bible scriptures take the challenge. This book consists of over 600 fill-in-the blanks from Matthew to Revelation (KJV).

The scriptures range from easy to difficult and the location of the scriptures are listed after each fill-in-the blank. The answers are also found in the back of the book. You can read the chapter in the Bible first to test your memory. This book can be used as a study guide, a Vacation Bible School activity book, a Sunday School guide or on game night with your family and friends.

This book can be both entertaining and educational, use it to increase your Bible knowledge.

The Author:

Alicia Aiken’s Barnes & Noble: Here
Alicia Aiken’s Twitter: Here

Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
The best thing about writing this book was I learned a lot myself. I really enjoy reading the Bible, but writing this book gave me an opportunity to really study the Bible and I hope the readers will also test their knowledge with the scriptures and have fun while reading the book.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
I have already written two other paperback books ‘Powerful Bible Scriptures on Healing’ and ‘Bible Scriptures to Combat the Spirit of Depression’ so I decided that I wanted to take the time to write something for those who enjoy Bible trivia. This book caters to those who have a love for the Bible and want to increase their knowledge and also those who are new to the faith and want to learn the scriptures.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
I would tell all aspiring writers to keep on writing and do not give up on their dreams. Do not stop with one book but continue to write excellent material.

Anything else that you would like to add?
Readers can contact me at


I want to thank Alicia Aiken for allowing me to promote her book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read New Testament Bible Trivia Fill In The Blanks From Matthew-Revelation!

Book Blitz and Giveaway: Screaming Divas by Suzanne Kamata

screaming diva banner


About the Book:

Screaming Divas by Suzanne Kamata

Publication Date: May 18th, 2014

Publisher: Merit Press

Pages: 208

Genre: YA Contemporary

screaming diva

At sixteen, Trudy Baxter is tired of her debutante mom, her deadbeat dad, and her standing reservation at the juvenile detention center. Changing her name to Trudy Sin, she cranks up her major chops as a singer and starts a band, gathering around other girls ill at ease in their own lives. Cassie Haywood, would-have-been beauty queen, was scarred in an accident in which her alcoholic mom was killed. But she can still sing and play her guitar, even though she seeks way too much relief from the pain in her body and her heart through drugs, and way too much relief from loneliness through casual sex. Still, it’s Cassie who hears former child prodigy Harumi Yokoyama playing in a punk band at a party, and enlists her, outraging Harumi’s overbearing first-generation Japanese parents. The fourth member is Esther Shealy, who joins as a drummer in order to be close to Cassie–the long-time object of her unrequited love–and Harumi, her estranged childhood friend. Together, they are Screaming Divas, and they’re quickly swept up as a local sensation. Then, just as they are about to achieve their rock-girl dreams, a tragedy strikes.

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from The Screaming Divas

By Suzanne Kamata

   Trudy got her hands on a guitar. Actually, it was her father’s guitar, the one he’d played in his band. The instrument had a history of smoky bars, fields of wild flowers, park benches, Greyhound buses. It had been all over the place, probably even Dahomey.

She was going to ask to borrow it, but when she dropped by Jack’s apartment, he wasn’t home. Trudy decided to cart the guitar off anyhow. He never played it any more and besides, he might say no if she asked him to loan it to her. He didn’t trust her so much since all the trouble with Adam.

She’d practice and innovate and turn herself into a brilliant performer. And then she’d start a band. It would be the most exciting thing to hit the town since General Sherman. Yeah, these were good thoughts.

By day, she practiced. By night, she hung out at The Cave, playing records or slamming on the dance floor. During breaks, she looked for musicians in the Pink Room.

“Hey, Maddy. I’m starting a band. Wanna join up?”

Her roommate Madeline tossed a lock of black hair out of her eyes. “You must be out of your mind.”

Trudy shrugged. She asked Jeff, the David Bowie lookalike. She even asked Johnny Fad. People laughed, blew smoke in her face. Sometimes they just turned away as if they hadn’t heard her at all.

Why did everyone treat her proposition like some sort of joke? She was as serious as she’d ever been. The more she practiced, the more she knew that her dreams lay in music. She closed her eyes and saw herself on the stage, crooning into a mike while a huge crowd lit and lofted their Bics in tribute.

When people were drinking and dancing, they weren’t in the mood for serious talk. She had to find another way to put her band together.


Trudy made a flyer with scissors and magazines and Elmer’s glue. When she was finally satisfied with her work, she rode her housemate’s rickety bicycle to Kinko’s and made a hundred copies. Then she ran around Five Points with a staple gun and plastered them to every telephone pole in sight. When she was finished, she went back to the apartment, picked up her guitar, and waited for the phone to ring.

“Hey, what’s this?” Madeline barged into her room just after midnight, smelling of booze and smoke. She waved one of Trudy’s flyers in the air between them.

“I’m starting a band,” Trudy said. “I told you already.”

Madeline shrugged. “Yeah, whatever. I wish you hadn’t put our phone number down, though. We’ll get half a million calls from creeps.”

Trudy didn’t answer. Why was Madeline being such a bitch? She looked really cool with her tattooed shoulder and asymmetrical haircut, but sometimes she could be totally square.

“I’ll get my dad to buy us an answering machine,” Trudy said. “That way we can screen calls.”

Madeline nodded, seemingly consoled, and wandered off to her room.

Trudy giggled softly. Jack would never fork out cash for something like that, but the lie had worked.

The first call came at noon the next day.

“Hey, I’m calling about the band,” a gravelly voice said.

“What do you play?”

“Bass, drums, whatever. I’m versatile. Hey, wait. You sound really familiar. What’s your name?”

“Trudy Sin.”

“Hey, I know you. You’re that firestarter.” The line went dead.

Later, Southern Bell called about an overdue phone bill. The manager at Yesterday’s, where Madeline waited tables, called asking Madeline to report to work early. Someone dialed a wrong number.

Where were all the budding musicians, the soulmates in tune with her dreams? Trudy set aside her guitar and put on some music. She threw herself on the bed and let Patti Smith comfort her.

How was she ever going to start a band?

Maybe she could go solo – set up a drum machine and play the guitar herself. She wracked her brains trying to come up with someone who’d gotten famous without back-up. Her mind went blank.

Two nights later, when she came home from a trip to the Quick Mart down the street, Madeline greeted her with, “You got a phone call. Someone wants to join your band.”

“Great. Who?” She pictured a pale, black-haired guy in leather, a guitar strapped across his hard-muscled body.

“I dunno. She said she’d call back.”

She? Well, okay. This could be good. A girl group. Yeah, that’s the ticket. They’d be like the Supremes with instruments. The Gogo’s with attitude. It would be a good gimmick, something to get them started while they developed as a band.


screaming diva author

About the Author:

Back in the day, Suzanne Kamata spent a lot of time hanging out in a club in Columbia, South Carolina, much like the one in Screaming Divas. (The beat goes on . . .) She later wrote about musicians for The State newspaper, The Japan Times, and other publications. Now, she mostly writes novels. In her free time, she enjoys searching for the perfect fake fur leopard-print coat and listening to the Japanese all-girl band Chatmonchy. Her YA debut, Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible was named the 2013-2014 APALA YA Honor Book and Grand Prize Winner of the Paris Book Festival. For more info, visit or follow her on Twitter @shikokusue.

Book Promotion: Principles for the Gathering of Believers by Gospel Fellowships

Today’s book promotion comes from Gospel Fellowships and their book called Principles for the Gathering of Believers. If you like Christianity books, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!


Book: Principles for the Gathering of Believers
Author: Gospel Fellowships

Format: Paperback, ebook
Release Date:

With over 30,000 registered Christian denominations, the Church in the West is fractured and split into so many groups, in which God calls carnality (1 Corinthians 3:1-5). We are in need for a movement of brothers and sisters coming together to meet under Christ’s Lordship and to simply obey Christ’s call to discipleship and evangelisation of the world. We don’t need more church buildings; we need the kind of true fellowship of the Body of Christ as in the Early Church (Acts 2:42-47). Not denominational churches with men in charge but rather where Jesus Christ is the Head (Colossians 1:18). Gospel Fellowships is a movement of believers gathering under the Headship of Jesus Christ.

The Author:

Gospel Fellowships’ Website: Here
Gospel Fellowships’ Twitter: Here
Gospel Fellowships’ Facebook: Here

Q & A:

Where did you get your idea for this story?
Is Persecution Coming to North America? A New Book says “Yes.” Over 100 contributors to a free kindle ebook and paperback bring something unique for Christians to read. With over 60 principles shared from the underground Church in the book of Acts and also modern underground Churches in China, Iran and North Korea. This volume is an important tool for evangelical christians to help prepare for future persecution of any type.

Anything else that you would like to add?
The Scriptures declare that the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. This preaching and spreading of the Gospel will be done not by the ingenuity of men, but by the working of the Spirit of God. Do you want to be involved with God’s work at the end of the age? God uses the simple to confound the wise. His ways are not our ways. We need revival in our countries like what we see in the underground house Churches in China. May God teach, gather, and raise a remnant for His glory.


I want to thank Gospel Fellowships for allowing me to promote their book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Principles for the Gathering of Believers!

Blog Tour and Giveaway: The Eternal Gift by Candy Crum




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glitter maker

covergifTitle: The Eternal Gift

Series: The Eternal Series Vol. 1

Author: Candy Crum

Genre: NA Paranormal Romance

Audience:  17+

Formats: Kindle/Paperback

Publisher: Candy Crum

Cover By: Megan Parker with EmCat Designs

Editor: Nathan Squiers with Literary Dark Editing

Pages: 224

ISBN-10: 061546050X

ISBN-13: 978-0615460505

ASIN: B00522J7HS

Published Date: April 11, 2014


A young girl (Kailah) discovers that she is from a lost and forgotten powerful Immortal blood line after she meets a strange new physician at work. She begins to have visions and see spirits and has trouble controlling bad things from happening when she is angry. Along the way she discovers the terrible truth about who she is and the incredible power that is locked away deep inside her. Her Immortal ancestors want to use her to destroy the vampire race. Vampires want to use her power to destroy her Immortal ancestors. But hiding in the shadows are those who have been watching her since she was born. They want to help Kailah discover who she is and help her learn to use her abilities. They simply want for her to make the right decision before it’s too late. Unfortunately for them time is not on their side and the Rogue Vampires have plans for Kailah no one could have imagined.


glitter maker


CHAPTER ONE (first half)

The night was cool and thick as it sheathed me in total darkness. The satin shorts and camisole that I’d gone to bed in were now damp from the moisture hanging heavily in the air. Holding my hands in front of my body, I blindly wandered around in blackness as I tried to find some kind of clue that would give me a better picture. My bare feet told me that I was standing on soft ground, the tall grass tickling my calves as I moved. It was possible that I was in a large pasture, though the clean, crisp scent of the air let me know that no large animals were near.

Thunder cracked in the distance and the ominous, coal-black clouds had even chased the moon and stars into hiding, not even the faintest glow giving away their location. It took a moment, but my mind was finally beginning to recognize this place. This was a dream world, one that I’d seen before. With every passing night, with every passing dream, I was able to travel further and further into this illusion as I tried to discover its meaning. I’d had recurring dreams before, but there was something different, disturbing about this one that seemed to speak to me. There was something that I was supposed to learn here and I needed to find it.

The wind began to pick up and I looked to the north, the same direction that I looked to every night. Lightning cascaded across the sky, illuminating the massive, empty pasture in which I stood. The momentary flash brought something to my attention that I’d never seen in the dream before. Two figures stood off in the distance, several yards between them, facing off. Even with great distance between us, I could feel the tension rolling off of them. That must be the dark, heavy feeling in the air that I’d felt: anger, hatred.

Thunder rolled again as the lightning danced across the sky. Using the display to light my path, I ran toward the figures ahead of me. As I approached, a bolt of raw, electric energy reached down from the sky and ignited the immediate area in flames. The swift turn of events stopped me short, nearly throwing me to the ground. The flames spread into a perfect circle as it surrounded both figures, blocking any further approach by me. Sharp chills cut through me from head to toe as I realized that one of them was fully controlling the blaze.

Now that I was closer, I could tell that the figures were women. One woman, maybe an inch or two over five feet tall, stood around fifty feet away, and to my right. Her long, jet-black hair reached just below her hips and whipped around in the increasing wind. As I studied her, I began to see a deep-red, transparent cloud, like an aura surrounding her. She was strong, very strong, and I could feel her overwhelming power from here.

Looking to my left, her opponent was roughly the same height; only her hair was frosty white and hung to her knees. This woman was much different. She was surrounded by an aura cloud as well, though hers was dark blue. Something about her called to me and it took everything I had not to trudge barefooted through the flames to reach her.

Rain began to fall and quickly soaked everything around us, though it was still unable to extinguish the fire. Movement brought me to attention as the white haired woman lifted her arms. The earth began to quake beneath me as it broke free all around her. She looked like a dancer as she maneuvered her body, forcing the element into submission under her power. The packed earth sailed through the air towards the dark haired woman, but she was quick to react.

In a flash, she completely disappeared from my sight, managing to dodge the attack. My eyes moved quickly as I focused to find her. My body locked up as my vision was suddenly clouded with the mysterious dark haired woman as she appeared before me, seemingly out of nowhere. Her dark, emerald green eyes and dilated coal-black pupils stared into mine, glinting in the firelight. Her raven hair seemed alive as it brushed my skin and sent tingles running through my body. Her flawless, olive-toned skin nearly glowed as she stood there, concern in her expression.

“Kailah.” As her soft, sweet voice spoke my name, I inhaled sharply. Though her mouth barely moved as she spoke my name, her perfect, white teeth showed just enough for me to make out four tiny, yet still elongated, razor sharp fangs. My heart fluttered rapidly as I wondered if this woman was the creature that she appeared to be, and if so, how did she know me and what did she want with me?

“Y-yes?” I stammered.

“This is not a dream, Kailah. It’s a warning.” She leaned in closer. “Run,” she whispered.

“Wait, what?” I asked, chills once again stabbing me like thousands of needles running from the roots of my hair to the bare, wet soles of my feet.


As soon as I turned to run, the dark thunder cracked overhead and the lightning began touching the ground all around me, trying to hold me where I stood. I heard a loud growl sound out from behind me, but decided not to look back. The earth began to shake again and my bare feet slid on the wet grass, the soft ground cushioning me as I fell hard on my right hip.

“Hello Kailah.” The new voice sent a shiver down my spine as I looked into the icy blue eyes of the white-haired woman.

Though her hair would have suggested otherwise, she looked no older than me: around twenty. Her skin was also olive toned and absolutely flawless, just like the other woman. Though, normally, one would look to the light as salvation and the darkness as hell, I didn’t think that was the case in this situation. Her crystalline blue eyes had death in them and I found myself backing away from her, toward the raven-haired beauty.

She laughed and the sound enveloped me like frigid water. “Kailah, you would choose the Vampire over your own grandmother?”

Before I could digest the words that she had unleashed on me, her attention shifted and the blue aura cloud surrounding her exploded into a barrier. Instinctively, my eyes closed and I threw my hand out as a large throwing knife bounced off the cloudy shield and headed for me.

“It is you!” she said with wonder.

My eyes snapped open and surrounding my hand was the same blue energy that surrounded the white-haired woman, only mine had a throwing knife buried in it. I couldn’t stop the scream that bubbled up out of my throat as the energy dissipated and the knife fell in my lap. What the hell was going on?

Her attention shifted again and with soft, graceful movements, a lightning bolt responded as it split from the sky and reached for her outstretched hand. She caught the energy easily before throwing it at her opponent. Another loud growl sounded out only a moment before something slammed hard into the barrier. That something, I realized, was the woman she had referred to as the Vampire.

Dark red energy swelled around the supposed Vampire as she pushed against the barrier of the opposing woman. “Kailah! She can find you in your dreams! Go, now!” As soon as the order left the raven-haired beauty’s lips, energy exploded from her body as the white-haired woman was thrown several feet away. “This dream is a figment of your own mind but, make no mistake, this is a premonition. You are the key to ending this war and if she finds you, it will doom all humans to a fate worse than death. Leave this realm now and prepare your mind. Your life is about to change.”


glitter maker

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clip_image006Candy Crum lives in Indiana and is the Author of “The Eternal Series” and other short stories. She published her first novel, The Eternal Gift, in May of 2011 and has been publishing ever since. Candy is an avid lover of the paranormal genre, stemming from years of reading the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice when she was a teenager. Later, she developed a deep love of the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead and the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast, furthering her love of the genre and pushing her to really push to finish and publish her novel.

Since then, Candy has released three other books in The Eternal Series and will release another later in 2014. Now, Candy is trying her hand at more contemporary pieces of work, like that of Lean on Me and other books she will release in 2014.

Some of Candy’s interests include the usual reading and writing, music (of most types), movies (action and comedy or any combination of the two), cartoons (she loves to say that her children watch cartoons because she does), and drawing. She loves talking with her fans and loves reading the reviews that her fans are kind enough to leave for her. Always feel free to find Candy on Facebook and send her a message!


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Book Promotion: Wreckless by Stephanie N Norris

Today’s book promotion comes from Stephanie N Norris and her book called Wreckless. If you like Suspense novels, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!


Book: Wreckless
Author: Stephanie N Norris

Publisher: Love Is A Drug Ink
Format:  ebook
Release Date:

Jasmine Johnson wants nothing more than to be swept off her feet by classmate and cutie Maurice Desmon Jones. Everything about him, from his obvious confidence to his charisma, makes her melt like ice cream on a sundae cone.

One day, someone threatens to challenge her for his affection and Jasmine goes into a jealous rage, unable to control her emotions.

Obsession sends her over the edge and there is no turning back. In the eye of a brewing storm, she has to come up with a clever way to get out of the catastrophe she has created and she won’t give up, even if she has to die trying.

The Author:

Stephanie N Norris’s Website: Here
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Stephanie N Norris’s Facebook: Here

Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
The excitement in creating the scenes, the drama, the thrills and the inspiration.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
I like to create tangled love stories with loads of drama that pulls a reader in to escape if only for a moment. When I write I always know it will be a love story gone wrong. It’s putting the characters together that brings life to it which is a challenge I’m up for every time.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
Don’t sign a contract with anyone even if you have a lawyer look at it. My advice is to try your hand at self publishing first. Get to know the business side of things by doing tons of research. Once you’ve been writing and research for a while. I would say a couple of years, then you’ll know what to do and what not to do. Every day is new and there is more to learn but at least you’ll have the basics down. To jump right into signing contracts with these publishing companies at the first sign of someone taking you on as a author could be career suicide.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Sweet Tea

Anything else that you would like to add?
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 I want to thank Stephanie N Norris for allowing me to promote her book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Wreckless!

Cover Reveal: Totaled by Stacey Grice

Totaled - Front Cover FINAL
Synopsis:Bree Murphy is stuck. Forced to grow up too fast after the tragic death of her mother, she has little time for any sort of life for herself. Now in her early twenties, she is coming to the realization that she deserves to put herself first.

Drew Dougherty is also stuck, in a state of merely existing. Memories and secrets of the day he lost both of his parents haunt him, forcing him to cope the only way he knows how…by fighting.

When these two worlds collide, hidden truths are revealed and relationships are put to the ultimate test. At a crossroad in their lives, they must decide if taking a risk is worth everything.

Or will their love be…


Totaled is a full length, new adult contemporary romance novel.

Due to mature content, profane language, and sexual situations, this book is recommended for ages 18 and up.

total cover
Goodreads Link:

My heart raced, my palms grew sweaty, my skin felt flushed, and my breathing sped up. I let my tongue graze over my lips to wet them, and apparently that was invitation enough. His eyes immediately dropped to my mouth. Drew started to slowly lean in towards me, closing the distance between us, never releasing my face from his hold. Everything moved in slow motion and I knew this was the moment of our first kiss.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky opened up and it started raining. Not raining, pouring! Everyone around us (who I’d been unaware of for the last hour) scattered like ants and we stood to run for cover with the rest of the crowd. People were frantic and crazy, squealing and sprinting for cover, bumping into us left and right. Drew grabbed my hand and pulled me with him, jogging away from the chaos in the rain. We were running in the street along the inter-coastal, in the direction of the gym a few blocks away. Already drenched, we laughed at each other, stepping in puddles and pulling each other back and forth to dodge others in our path. It felt like we were children, being playful and having fun with it, because what else could you do
at that point?

When the rain picked up, we were still a good four blocks from the gym. Drew suddenly stopped jogging in front of me and turned around to face me, a look of intensity and determination in his expression. I almost couldn’t stop in time and nearly crashed into his chest. He grabbed my face with both of his strong, masculine hands and looked at me like I was a giant piece of chocolate cake and he was starving. For two seconds he stared at me. Four seconds. Six seconds. All the while standing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain. And then his lips crashed into mine. His lips were firm at first but immediately softened. He licked my lower lip, tasting me, enticing me to open for him and I couldn’t dream of doing anything in that moment but exactly whatever he wanted me to do. I opened my lips slowly to invite him in and our tongues touched each other, playfully at first and then with purpose. They danced together in perfect synchronized harmony like a beautiful Viennese waltz. The waltz turned into an angry paso doble, full of passion and angst. His kissed me with urgency, like he couldn’t get enough, but not with haste. He was savoring me, cherishing me. My hair stuck to my face, slick with wetness from the rain, my dress clinging to my body, soaked all the way to my underwear, but I didn’t want to move. Our hands were everywhere, grabbing each other anywhere, everywhere. He held my face with one hand and reached around to the small of my back to pull me in closer to him. The substantial, hard bulge between us confirmed how much I was affecting him. I felt my core twitch and throb with a need that I’d never felt before. My romance novels were finally right about something—this aching and throbbing stuff was legit. I didn’t want to stop feeling it. I didn’t ever want to stop.

Our mouths separated and I tried to take a deep breath, but he moved his mouth down to my throat and neck, kissing and licking, lapping up the raindrops from my skin, and I couldn’t possibly catch my breath with him doing that. I suddenly realized where we were still outside, still in the wide open, still in the rain. He must’ve felt me stiffen, because he brought his eyes up to mine and smiled.

“Let’s get you out of the rain,” he said, and we started jogging towards the gym again.

Author Bio:I am a mother to a beautiful five year old daughter and a wife to my best friend. Being a labor and delivery nurse three nights a week pays the bills but I have recently decided to take my hobby of writing to the next level.  Living in Florida where I was born and raised allows me to hear the waves and stick my toes in the sand whenever I want, which is vital to my emotional well-being. Completely and absolutely obsessed with good music, the lifeline to my creativity, I cannot and will not write without it. Some things that I appreciate are honesty but not cruelty, an
unapologetic sense of humor, being able to make any situation fun, often dancing like no one is watching, and a good cup of coffee with enough creamer to make it blonde.

Being an astute people watcher with a judgmental mind gives me constant inspiration for my stories. My characters, like many authors, are conceived from a hodgepodge of actual people in my life, unique personality traits, real world encounters, and conversations that I have directly taken part in. Totaled is my debut novel with many more to come.

Profile Links:

Review for The Boleyn Reckoning by Laura Andersen

the boylen reckoning


My Rating: 4.5/5

Author:Laura Andersen

Title:The Boleyn Reckoning

Genre: Historical Fiction


Amazon Description: Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, The Boleyn Reckoning heralds the triumphant conclusion of Laura Andersen’s enthralling trilogy about the Tudor king who never was: the son of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn—Henry IX—who, along with his sisters and those he holds most dear, approaches a dangerous crossroads. The Tudor royal family has barely survived a disastrous winter. Now English ships and soldiers prepare for the threat of invasion. But William Tudor—known as Henry IX—has his own personal battles to attend to. He still burns for Minuette, his longtime friend, but she has married William’s trusted advisor, Dominic, in secret—an act of betrayal that puts both their lives in danger. Princess Elizabeth, concerned over her brother’s erratic, vengeful behavior, imperils her own life by assembling a shadow court in an effort to protect England. With war on the horizon, Elizabeth must decide where her duty lies: with her brother or her country. Her choice could forever change the course of history.


My thoughts:

**If you have not read the first two books – The Boleyn King and Boleyn Deceit – you will stumble upon spoilers in this review**


Narration: Multiple third persons


Character Development: With this book continuing where the last left off, the characters are hitting their breaking/turning points. William has suffered from the smallpox and the international tensions of his potential marriage to France that fails. He no longer listens to reason and has his eyes set on marrying Minuette, hoping that an alliance with Spain through Elizabeth would help against the French. Some of his irrational decisions not only affect himself but England’s future. Dominic and Minuette know their secret marriage can be discovered at any minute. With each one still loyal to William, if and when he finds out would cause devastation in their marriage and potentially their lives. Minuette is constantly trying to keep her head as William elevates her status in preparation to be queen, while Dominic is one of the few people William still trusts. They both know this could change at any moment and with William’s changing disposition, anything can happen to them. Elizabeth is struggling to keep her calm and reason with William’s behavior and the changing demeanor from Minuette. She relies further upon Walsingham and John Dee. Can she help keep England together and her friends/brother?


Plot Development/Flow: The story keeps a good pace just like the last book. There is more stress as the characters are hitting a climax of their relationships. Tension is high as the secret marriage between Dominic and Minuette surface. William begins to turn into his father, slowly changing from the man they once knew into a monarch who would do as he pleases. France and Spain also causes political disruptions. Will King Philip choose Elizabeth of England of Elisabeth of France as his potential bride? The book also concludes the domestic plotting including Lord Rochford and Robin Dudley. It seems no character is safe in this book.


Standalone or Part of a Series: Last book in The BoleynTtrilogy