Review for 2:20 (Timeless Trilogy #1) by Holly Hook


My Rating: 4/5

Author: Holly Hook
Title: 2:20 (Timeless Trilogy #1)

Genre: Paranormal/Time Travel/Young Adult


Goodreads Description:
“Please,” Simon says, his pause marked by his face drawing closer to mine. “You can’t remember what time you’re from, but trust me, you don’t want to return there.”

2:20 (Timeless Trilogy, Book One)

When a date to the high school dance goes terribly wrong, Julia learns that her past may not be what she thought. The mystery deepens when Simon shows up and claims that they shared that past in another, more terrifying time…and warns that a powerful force wants to send her back.

Julia grows closer to Simon as she works to discover her true life. Unfortunately, both he and the truth could kill her.

2:20 is the first book in the Timeless trilogy. The story follows Julia as she experiences nightmares of her death at 2:20 am. She tries to figure out the meaning behind it. She gathers a few clues during the school dance at the beginning of the book – realizing there are people called the Timeless that are trying to put her back into her past or rather her nightmare and death. She meets a new student at her school named Simon, who tries to help her figure out her past. Can she figure out her past in time? Can she change her past before she dies?

The story is written in first person following Julia. Julia is a teenager who has had a rough past. Her mother was a drunk and now she lives with Nancy – her stepmother. She is saving up to go to college (by working at a daycare) and trying to set her future right. Every night she has a nightmare that she is falling and a guy is trying to catch her. However, he is saved and she dies – waking up. Yes, she wakes up at 2:20. Simon is a new student who knows what is happening to Julia, but he is unable to tell exactly what it is. Simon is a nice guy who shares her past. He truly tries to help her throughout the book.

The plot follows Julia as she learns about her nightmare and why 2:20 is so important. The last half of the book picks up in action. It’s the sort of story where you kind of know what will happen, but exactly how it will pan out with the characters is not so clear. I won’t say much more to avoid spoilers. It was a quick read for me and really got my attention when Julia understood about her death and her fight to change it. I think there could have been one or two more sentences at the end. It felt slightly cut off. Don’t worry. It wasn’t an unfinished story – more like an unfinished paragraph.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, I enjoyed the book. If you like young adult books with time travel, mystery, and a little paranormal storyline, then you might like this book.