Review for Asleep by Elizabeth Darcy


My Rating: 4/5

Author:  Elizabeth Darcy
Title: Asleep (Fairytale Collection #2)

Genre:  New Adult/Fairytale/Fantasy Romance


Amazon Description:
A new adult fantasy romance reboot of the sleeping beauty tale.

**Because this book involves mature characters, it contains some adult content.**

When her beloved Prince Devaran is abducted from her parents’ castle during their engagement announcement ceremony, Princess Jessmyn vows that nothing will stop her from bringing his abductors to justice. Rescuing Dev won’t be easy, and Jess will have to form an alliance with the other Realms if she’s to win the most important battle of her life.

Imprisoned in a forbidding tower, Dev tries to find a way to warn Jess of the perils she’ll face. Weakened by deprivation and by the drugs administered by the madwoman who kidnapped him, Dev drifts between sleep and consciousness. As he relives cherished moments spent with Jess, Dev wonders if he’ll ever again be with the woman he loves.


My Short Summary: Asleep is a retelling of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty. If you are looking for dragons, fairies, and evil witches, you are in the wrong place. First of all, “Sleeping Beauty” is a prince, and it’s not magic that is keeping him asleep but a sleeping potion. In fact, there is no magic involved in this story, but a medieval-style fantasy novel. Two realms are about to be joined through a marriage – something that is not usually done. Things do not go according to plan. You cannot have a wedding without a groom. After Prince Dev is cunningly kidnapped, Princess Jess must find out whole is responsible and bring him back. There are no damsel in distress in this novel. Rather, women are as much warriors as the men. As Jess discovers who is behind the kidnapping of her betrothed, she realizes that this deed involves the entire five realms.

Narration: Third person through Jess and Dev.

Character Development: The story has flashbacks to how Jess and Dev finally fall in love with each. Their characters are the most developed. The reader learns about their weaknesses and insecurities while understanding how and why they fell in love with each other. I would have liked to have seen a little more background development with the kidnapper.

Plot Development/Flow: The flashbacks in the novel work well with the drug induced sleep that Dev is put through. I believe this strengthens the plot overall. I feel the beginning is slightly slow. With Jess looking for Dev (and Dev in and out of consciousness), it seems to drag on a little bit. Once a plan is determined, things move along better. As stated before, this is different version of Sleeping Beauty that most people know.

Standalone or Part of a Series: This is a standalone book in a part of a fairytale collection. If you enjoy retelling of fairy tales, then you might want to try this book.