Book Promotion: Live Once Very Equally (LOVE) by Anthony Heetland

Today’s book promotion comes from Anthony Heetland and his book called Live Once Very Equally (LOVE). If you like romance, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

Book: Live Once Very Equally (LOVE)
Author: Anthony Heetland

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Format: Paperback and eBook
Released:  July 5, 2013

It says it all in the title, but if it were only that easy. LOVE (live once very equally) is a story that brings you into the world of Art Rodriguez. He is a loving teen who has had some trouble early on in life. From bullies to tears, awkward moments to fears, middle school was his never ending nightmare. Now that the summer is over and he’s entering high school, Art is hopeful to turn the tables around. Stepping foot into a new school with new people, new situations and new lessons on life; Art has no idea what’s in store for him. This freshman year may seem like no other, but surprisingly it might be more common than one thinks. In a tale of relationships, heartache, inspired dreams and unnecessary tortures, Art learns that LOVE holds the key to everything. If you’ve ever thought finding true love was impossible, have you ever asked yourself the question: What’s the definition of true love anyway? Learn Art’s story and see if you are a person who believes in LOVE.

The Author:

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I want to thank Anthony Heetland for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Live Once Very Equally (LOVE)!