Book Review: Glory by Heather Graham


My Rating:  3.5 / 5

Author: Heather Graham
Title: Glory
Kindle Version

Genre: Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, American Civil War, Fiction
Themes: Freedom and Loyalties

Background:  This story is set during the American Civil War and follows (mainly) two medical persons.  One is a unionist, Rhiannon, who is considered a witch (or angel) by many because of her talent with healing and uncanny intuition.  She has visions in her dreams of what will come.  She uses these visions to save lives.  The other is Julian McKenzie, a rebel fighting to save the lives of those wounded in battles.  His family is split by the war—i.e., some fighting for the Yanks.  However, they are still close and pray that they will be together again after the war.  In the beginning we find Rhiannon grieving for her husband who was killed in battle.  She then meets Julian who saves her from self-destruction.  Julian, who sees her expertise in healing, essentially kidnaps her for her assistance in saving lives.  The story continues through their experiences during the war and the forbidden loves of opposite sides.



The Good:
Rhiannon is a strong female character.  She is not perfect and does have her weak moments.  However, unlike ladies of the Civil War era, she does not have any trouble saying what she means and at least trying to fight for what she wants.  She acts not reacts.  I’m not into much military strategy books, and Glory focuses on the behind the lines happenings.  There is a lot of focus on drugs, amputation, disease, and other medical problems of the war.  I think Graham shows the complexities of the Civil war attitudes where families had relatives on both sides of the war who they love.  [As you can probably guess, the romance of this story follows the opposites attract notion.]

The Bad:
The prologue is a bit confusing, but as the book continues, it becomes more clear on what is happening.  In my opinion, you can skip over the prologue and be fine.  The first half of the book is slower than the second half.  If you really want to read a paranormal type book, this one is more low-key than some of the other stories written by Graham.

The bottom line:
Overall, it is a good book, but I prefer Graham’s later works over this one.

If you are interested in the behind the scenes with medical action during the Civil War era and a little mix of paranormal and romance, then you will probably enjoy this book.