Review for Stitches by Courtney Pierce


My Rating: 4/5

Author:  Courtney Pierce
Title:  Stitches: A Novel

Genre:  Paranormal


Amazon Description:   

“Jean and Spence Collins are about to discover the magic of living—with magic. After thirty-two years in the corporate grind, the Collinses need a quiet time-out. But that’s not what they get when Jean buys a creaky hope chest at an estate sale. Its false bottom hides an extraordinary eighteen-inch piece of fabric – and Jean finds it. The magnificent birds on it are vivid, alive, and impossibly ancient…and they change. And they’re about to change the Collinses’ lives too. With the former owner’s greedy son and the FBI on their heels, Jean and Spence set off on a transforming quest to London, and finally to Cairo, to unlock the fabric’s secrets of the fabric’s secrets of life…and death. They also learn that living with magic comes with a responsibility: for every one thing they give, they get back multiple rewards. STITCHES is the debut novel of a series that follows the scintillating trail Jean and Spence leave in their wake as they sleuth their way toward retirement – with a little immortal help. It celebrates a new coming-of-age story: the adventurous spirit of the boomers who want to put away the remote and run to the next phase of life. Magic exists for every generation, but what you do with it can change your life forever.”


Stitches is a touching and beautiful story about a special piece of fabric.  The piece of fabric contains three color birds that seem to come to life and fly right off the fabric. The reader discovers the history of the fabric through memories and stories of older generations and flashbacks. It also continues in the present with Jean and Spence, which takes them on adventure they never dreamed of.

This book is unlike most paranormal books I have read. I would not blush handing this book to my mother to read as I would with some other paranormal books I have read. The paranormal aspects of the book are contained in the magical ability of the fabric itself (and its connection with death.) The story focuses on new beginnings and being free with yourself. For example, Spence and Jean move from their home in Texas to Oregon. Once there, they try to figure out what they should do with this new stage in their life.

There is a sweet relationship with the characters. They are heartfelt and loving. It is easy to feel connected to them and feel the sadness, happiness, or fear that they do. The “bad” guy in the book is pretty much one-dimensional but the other characters make up for that.

The beginning was a little slow for me as I tried to figure out what exactly the fabric does and how it will be connected to the main characters, Spence and Jean. As the book progressed, I enjoyed it much more; there was more action and adventure.

In short:
The good parts? The character relationships were amazing. I really liked the characters, especially Jean, Spence, Mary, and Mycroft. The plot really grew on me as I progressed with the book. Finally, the writing was mature and easy to read.

The bad parts? The bird theme was really heavy—not to say this is bad, but it really stood out as I read. It would sometimes make me stop while reading to say “another bird reference.” As I have said, the beginning was a little slow for, but again I am used to different paranormal reads where things just take off right away.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It will be interesting to see where the next book will take things.