Review for Charmed by Erica Ridley


My Rating: 3.5/5

Author:  Erica Ridley
Title: Charmed (Nether-Netherland #1)

Genre: Fantasy


Amazon Description:

Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins… Unfortunately, she’s not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.

When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it’s one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she’s going to have to ditch the human–and her one chance at true love.


Charmed is a fantasy novel about a tooth fairy and a human. Daisy, a tooth fairy in training, is sent to retrieve a tooth, but quickly discovers that the tooth is not so easy to retrieve. For starters, the person sleeping on the tooth is a full grown man, not a child. Trevor, the full grown man, is an anthropologist on a dig in Costa Rica. He doesn’t believe Daisy is a tooth fairy (in training.) Therefore, relinquishing the tooth does not happen. As the story progresses, Daisy and Trevor get into more trouble – in magical and human worlds. Can everything be set right? Will true love prevail?

The story is written in third person following Daisy and Trevor. Daisy comes from Nether-Netherland – a place where magic exists. Despite her mother (a fairy godmother) and her father (an angel), Daisy does not seem to have a magical bone in her body. She is very smart and creative, but being magical is what counts in Nether-Netherland. Her first assignment as a tooth fairy apprentice sends her to Costa Rica where she meets Trevor, who she develops a crush on. From there, Daisy must use her smarts to get her out of mountains of trouble while not only saving her career but Trevor’s as well. Trevor is anthropologist who loves to teach and coach baseball. His career is on thin ice when budget restraints will only allow one professor tenure for the year – him or his colleague. This dig and what he publishes can make or break his career. Throw in a beautiful, non-magical fairy and trouble is bound to happen. The two main characters are well-developed throughout the book. However, I would have liked to see a little more background with Daisy’s parents, friend, and mentor.

The plot moved along well. Trouble followed Daisy everywhere it seemed. However, I think the book could have been cut down in a few places. I was also left wondering what became of the last scene with Trevor and his colleague. Were there any repercussions from that? This book contains many fantastical creatures besides fairies, so it was interesting to read about Nether-Netherland.

Overall it was a good read. If you like fairy and fantasy novels, then you might want to give this book a try. Despite the young-adult-sounding description above, this book should be for mature audiences due to sexual scenes.