Review for Caller of Light by T J Shaw

caller of light

My Rating: 4/5

Author:  T J Shaw
Title: Caller of Light

Genre:  Fantasy Romance

Background: “Carina McKay is an outsider. With one parent of royal blood, she’s not nobility, yet not a servant either. The only comfort in her mundane existence is her love of Critons, the large fire-breathing creatures that protect the border of her homeland. But her destiny changes forever the day she catches the eye of King Marek Duncan.
Marek’s heart is closed to love. After an arranged marriage withers to a bitter end, he dedicates his energy to protecting his kingdom. Yet he’s searching for something more–the Caller of Light, the one who summons Critons.
Carina’s beauty and willfulness intrigue Marek, and he’s determined to have her. When his enemies try to come between them, he discovers just how much he will endure to protect her. Together, they can unlock a love that binds their souls, but only if they find the strength to follow their hearts.”


This is a sweet romantic fantasy novel with a splash of adventure. This book leaves open for a sequel but has an ending (no dramatic cliffhanger.)

The book is written in third person following both Carina and Marek. Carina is an emotionally abused girl by her father and sister, but that doesn’t stop her from finding herself. Although she can be submissive to them, she has strength and courage in her personality. Her one respite is to care for the critons (fantasy creature). King Marek becomes smitten with her and the story takes off from there. By taking Carina and Marek’s point of views, the reader is able to understand the motives for both parties and their decisions better. As with most romance novels, misunderstanding fuels the beginning of their fragile relationship. The “bad” characters are mostly one-dimensional but they have some complexities to them. The reader doesn’t get too much background on them to understand their motives, but they work in the story.

The plot, at least romantically, is about average in that many books carry the same idea within their own story – misunderstandings, finding out true love, etc. The adventure side of the plot was well written and I finished reading the book in 2 days. It kept my interest and kept the characters moving forward.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, I liked this book. It had a likeable heroine and hero within a fantasy world. If you like fantasy romances with a splash of adventure, you would like this book.