Book Promotion: Come Find Me by Travis Neighbor Ward

Today’s book promotion comes from Travis Neighbor Ward and her book called Come Find Me. If you like Romance novels, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

 come find me

Book: Come Find Me
Author: Travis Neighbor Ward
Fiction-General, Romance

Publisher: Northside Books, an imprint of Pearl Multimedia LLC
Format: ebook
Release Date:

In the tradition of the greatest love stories of our time, COME FIND ME tells a poignant tale of how true love can survive time and war, and push people to confront unthinkable choices.

At twenty-six Jessica Wilson believes her future is laid out. Her father and brother-in-law both died in war, and now she’s helping to care for her mother and her sister’s children. She’s also managing a wildlife rescue center in the Georgia mountains, where she met her wealthy Canadian fiancé, Blake McCormack, a rancher. Everything seems perfect. So why is it that she breaks into a sweat whenever she pictures Blake announcing their engagement at his parent’s annual rodeo?

Jessica is doing a good job of ignoring her doubts until Mark Fripp, the boy she fell in love with ten years ago, shows up on his motorcycle to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. What really happened when he disappeared from her life? What secret is he hiding for fear that she won’t accept him for who he is? And will she still be able to move forward with the life she has planned, even after she knows the truth?


The Author:

Travis Neighbor Ward’s Website: Here
Travis Neighbor Ward’s Twitter: Here
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Travis Neighbor Ward’s Goodreads: Here

Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
I really enjoyed experiencing the return of Mark Fripp, the main character, to the place where his first love, Jessica Wilson, lives, and to see what happened when he found out she was engaged. It was also fun to learn about what the Pararescuemen in the U.S. Air Force do, and to “live” in the small town of Dahlonega, Georgia, in my head.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
Everyone has a first love they probably wonder about… 😉

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
You can write! Everyone can! If you want to do it, study all the novels that you love most. Make lists of the things about them that you think work and the things that don’t. Really look at the books on a structural and a sentence level. Ask yourself questions like: Why did I prefer the first person point-of-view for this story? How would it have affected me differently in third person? Most of all, believe in your own ability to get where you’re hoping to get. Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t.

What is your favorite book?
The Sound and the Fury by William Faullkner

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Hot chocolate!

Anything else that you would like to add?
Thank you to anyone that reads my book. You rock! Thank you again to anyone to anyone that places a review on or Goodreads, or any other site where reviews are. I really appreciate your feedback.


I want to thank Travis Neighbor Ward for allowing me to promote her book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Come Find Me!


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