Review for Dragon Heat by Ella J Phoenix

dragon heart


My Rating: 3.5 /5

Author: Ella J Phoenix

Title: Dragon Heat

Genre: Paranormal


Amazon Description: Zoricah, the draconian demigoddess, has limited time to uncover a series of killings before one of her own meets the same fate. Determined not to let that happen, Zoricah has no other choice but to ask for the help of her race’s archenemy. Tardieh, the Vampire King, has long learnt not to trust the Dragons but when the flames of passion ignite between him and Zoricah, he finds himself torn between overwhelming sexual heat and his centuries-old distrust. Together they have to overcome their own prejudices before it is too late for their races and their love.


Narration: Multiple third-person

Character Development: The two main characters of the story are Zoricah (a draconian demigoddess) and Tardieh (the vampire king.) Zoricah and Tardieh first meet in the prologue about 200 years ago. Zoricah is a woman set on saving her people at all cost. She’s a strong character and fights for what she believes in. She is also willing to work with draoncian’s natural enemies – vampires – to help her fellow friends. When we first meet Tardieh, he is in a difficult situation. Going against his instincts, he allows Zoricah to help him. He struggles with what his father would do and what he feels is right. To make matters worse, he becomes smitten with Zoricah an archenemy of vampires. But, with his own people at stake, he must decide if he can trust her.

Plot Development/Flow: The story moves along very well. There are some dark moments in the book for those of you who are not particularly fond of them. Zoricah has discovered that someone is kidnapping draconians (as well as vampires.) Although she is not exactly sure what is happening with them, she becomes more involved when her friend’s sister is taken. She calls upon the help of the vampire king, Tardieh. She hasn’t seen him in over 200 years and she feels a stirring for him – which could be bad because it is distracting her from the job. Can the vampires and draconians work together for a common cause? Or will their differences (and the distractions) cause them to go off course?

Standalone or Part of a Series: First book of the series



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