Book Promotion: Upon His Death Bed by Kharis Macey

Today’s book promotion comes from Kharis Macey and her book called Upon His Death Bed. If you like Historical Fiction novels, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

upon his death bed

Book: Upon His Death Bed
Author: Kharis Macey
Historical Fiction, Romance, Drama, Politics, Money

Publisher: Outskirts Press
Format: Paperback, ebook
Release Date:


In the pages of this exotic novel, the readers experience the collision between two vastly different cultures- the colonizer and the colonized:  Their Languages, Love, Money and Politics.  The story begins in the master bedroom of The Front House, the mansion of the Simpson family, the largest structure located in the country side of Pastureland Village.  John Simpson, the richest man in this farming village found on the East Coast of British Guiana, is dying.


As his frail body stretch out on the fiber filled mattress of a large cast iron bed, the readers understand he is angry at his inability to strike a bargain with God.  Expressing this anger, he spits out curses at his nurse Sister Agnes, and at his servant Sheela Bacchus.  During those moments of desperation, the only person spared from the bitterness of his disposition was Payton Simpson, his beloved son.  Born out of the womb of Dalia Mendonza, his father’s fifteen-year old common-law wife, he is often seen sitting in vigil at his father’s bedside.


In the dying man’s love for his son, he vociferously expounds his hatred for those who oppose the young man’s inheritance of controlling the family business.  Without much foreplay, the readers will not only learn about the family’s hate for the patriarch but of their greed and murderous intentions of stopping Payton from taking over his father’s leadership position.  Here, at this point, even though he was aware of the family’s opposition, Payton was more interested in finding out missing information about his childhood.


Specifically, it was crucial to his emotional well-being, to know why he was raised in The Great Sycamore, the Simpson’s family mansion in Manchester, England.  There, he was brought up as the son of Mary Simpson, his father’s legal wife and not by his blood mother and John Simpson’s common-law wife, Dalia Mendonza.  Purposefully holding onto the truth, his father continued to manipulate his son’s heart into believing his mother Dalia had died and that was the reason he called another woman Mother.


Slowly, in addition to his son and the other personalities controlled by John Simpson and the wealth he managed, we see the emergence other individuals who make up this story of social indifference and the struggle for chance.  These individuals are his daughter Katherine, his sister Margaret, her husband Cecil Manning and their son, Chance.  In the collage of this novel’s master-and-servant dynamic, we meet Ramlall Bacchus, cane cutter and husband of Sheela Bacchus.


Included in John Simpson’s control are Adam and Dora Sago, cane cutter and washer woman, and Ramlall and Sheela Bacchus, cane cutter and servant.  In this story, we learn that Sheela and Dora are constantly in the thoughts of John Simpson due to Sheela’s extramarital affair with his nephew Chance.  On the other hand, Dora posed a problem for him due to his son’s Payton romantic interest in her, a cane cutter’s wife and as he described her, “a barefoot native.”


Finally, going further into the pages of this culturally expansive novel, the readers will recognize the social disparity between the rich and poor and the chasm between these two powerful forces, the first fueled by money and the second moved by injustice.  In experiencing the power of money, the reader will come to realize that it equals the power of those who have it.  Yet, they will also feel the vulnerability of those with limited access to this commodity, as they struggle from day to day seeking its power.


The Author:


Kharis Macey was born and raised at 105 Regent Road Bourda, Georgetown, British Guiana and now lives in the seaside town of Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  She believes she was born to write and to serve others in her capacity as a Professional Registered Nurse.  Upon His Death Bed is the 1st novel to come out of the 12-novel serial of The Front House Jumbies, and is dedicated to her mother.  Her mother, who has raised her along with her many brothers and sisters, to strive for better each day of their lives, is her staunchest supporter.  Kharis Macey’s foremost philosophy is to live a life of obstinate ownership of SELF.

Kharis Macey’s Website: Here
Kharis Macey’s Blog: Here
Kharis Macey’s Facebook: Here
Kharis Macey’s ReadWave: Here

Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
Remembering my childhood, the freedom of play, laughter, wearing frocks and climbing trees, and the precious innocence of that time.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
In wanting to share my life with my children.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
I’d tell them write anything and everything which comes to their minds and which inspires them. Then read, edit, reread and re-edit, reread and re-edit, reread and re-edit, until you’re one of the people who would buy and read what you’ve written.

What is your favorite book?
Crime and Punishment

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate

Anything else that you would like to add?
My Novel is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on Outskirts Press.


I want to thank Kharis Macey for allowing me to promote her book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Upon His Death Bed!


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