Review for Red Star Falling by Ian Hocking

red star falling


My Rating: 3.5/5
Author: Ian Hocking
Title: Red Star Falling
Genre: Novella/Science Fiction


Goodreads Summary:
In 2028, a mysterious group known as Meta begins sending agents back through time. Nobody knows who these time travellers are, or their purpose.

Exactly 120 years earlier, murdered agent Saskia Brandt opens her eyes in a Geneva mortuary locker. Medical technology from 2028 has given her a few more hours of life.

Completing her mission will take her to the north face of the Eiger—treacherous, unclimbed, enshadowed—and a reckoning with a Georgian outlaw, Soso: the man who killed her.

Red Star Falling is a thoughtful, character-based science fiction novella with a philosophical edge, written by the winner of the Red Adept Science Fiction Award.

This is a short, quick read on the remaining hours of Saskia’s life. After being mortally wounded in The Amber Rooms, Saskia wakes up to find herself in a morgue. Her memory is a little fuzzy, but she know that she only has a few more hours to live from the technology in her brain. The story follows Saskia as she tried to finish her mission with Soso before she dies (completely.)
It was a while since I last read The Amber Rooms, but there were some recaps in this novella. I suggest reading the books about Saskia Brandt before reading this novella. You would be lost if you jumped right into this book.


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