Book Promotion: RIP: Choices After Death by Daniel Sherrier

Today’s book promotion comes from Daniel Sherrier and his book called RIP: Choices After Death. If you like Paranormal books, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!


Book: RIP: Choices After Death
Author: Daniel Sherrier
Paranormal, New Adult

Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace
Format: Paperback, ebook
Release Date:

Ghosts are people, too, but not all ghosts choose to be good people.

Rip Cooper must overcome his fears and kill dead people to prevent them from corrupting the living. This young loner learns he can perceive ghosts with his five senses as if they were flesh and blood, and he’s just as solid to them — pretty much the only solid thing, in fact. He works alongside an impure “angel” and his ex-best friend’s ex-girlfriend as they teach him how love can lead to strength.

RIP vol. 1: Choices After Death features the first four novelettes in this coming-of-age and redemption story: “Touch,” “Alone,” “The Crazy Line,” and “Point B,” plus the short story “Strength.”

The Author:

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The best thing about writing this book?
I enjoyed the characters, especially the ghost Serissa. She’s a lively dead young woman who’s trying to do the right thing, hoping that will earn her entry into Heaven, but no ghost knows for a fact whether Heaven and Hell even exist. All her hard work might be for nothing, and not knowing is driving her bonkers. She’s great fun to write.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
I was working as a newspaper reporter covering a Halloween event at the Historic Polegreen Church in Hanover County, Va. A paranormal investigator was talking about the possibility of ghosts at the site. So, ghosts were on my mind that evening, and I had two random thoughts. The first was, “What if someone had to physically beat up wicked ghosts?” The second thought turned that around: “What if a good ghost was able to touch a living person for the first time since dying?” Then I knew I was on to something.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
Don’t write about writers. Don’t publish anything before you’re at least 25. And be ready and willing to work extremely hard.

What is your favorite book?
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Iced latte, please

Anything else that you would like to add?
I’ve adopted an unconventional structure for this book. It’s told in episodic novelettes. Each novelette has its own beginning, middle, and end, but they all build on each other, and each volume has its own arc. Volume One’s arc, basically, is “Can this young loner learn to let people in? Can he break out of his rut and start seeing a future for himself?”


I want to thank Daniel Sherrier for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read RIP: Choices After Death!




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