Book Promotion: Deadly Pawn by W. M. Stahl

Today’s book promotion comes from W. M. Stahl and his book called Deadly Pawn. If you like historical mysteries, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

deadly paw

Book: Deadly Pawn
Author: W. M. Stahl
Crime, Mystery, Historical

Publisher: Strange Mind Publishing
Format: Paperback, ebook
Release Date:

Deadly Pawn is a crime/mystery novel set in the 30’s just after prohibition has ended.
Dawson is a hard drinking, heavy smoking part time gumshoe becoming involved in cases mostly out of curiosity. Coming from a long line of money he is the black sheep of the family. His Grandfather got him interested in solving crimes when he was a boy. He was a U.S. Marshal before and sometimes during prohibition; which he likes to call “that nasty dry spell”.

When he is sent a note to be in front of the Barbershop at 7pm he has no idea that his curiosity is going to lead him to a case of murder.

It was curiosity that found him on the street in the rain that night waiting for the person that had invited him there.

When the owner of the pawn shop is murdered it would be curiosity that would get him to help his longtime friend in finding out who did it.

Curiosity killed the cat they say, but then again they don’t know Dawson.

Deadly Pawn is the first book in a series the length of which has yet to be determined.

The Author:

W. M. Stahl’s Website: Here
W. M. Stahl’s Twitter: Here
W. M. Stahl’s Facebook: Here
W. M. Stahl’s Google Plus: Here

Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
It was a fun write for me.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
I am a big fan of early Hollywood movies and Old Time Radio. This was meant to be a little noirish with more than just a hat tip to movies and books like The Thin Man, The Maltese Falcon and the like.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
Let your characters tell you what they’ll do and when.

What is your favorite book?
I have way too many favorites to pick just one!

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Chocolate


I want to thank W. M. Stahl for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Deadly Pawn!


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