Review for Passion, Power & Sin by Mike Wells

passion power and sin

My Rating: 3.5 /5

Author:  Mike Wells
Title: Passion, Power & Sin

Genre:  Triller


Amazon Description:
This is Book 1 of the 5 book series – series description below.

In a desperate effort to save her family’s home from foreclosure, a low-paid 24 year old “gofer” at a PR firm begins to recklessly gamble on tips she receives from an anonymous emailer.  She’s soon making more money than she ever imagined and embarks on a thrilling adventure that takes her halfway around the globe.



My Short Summary:
With her family home in distress, Heather moves to New York hoping to find a great job to send money back home. Unfortunately, she doesn’t anticipate the hardships and expenses of New York. Finally landing a job (albeit a lowly one in the PR world), Heather realizes that there is probable no way to stop the foreclosure on the house. Her luck changes with two things. First, she catches the eye of a David Winsor who has a wealthy family background. The second is an anonymous person that sends her emails with information that could allow her to win bets. Both lucky breaks are not quite as clear cut as Heather would like. There is something about David that makes her feel rushed into the relationship. Also, there are possible secrets he is keeping from her. The emails contain illegal betting information. How far will Heather go to help her mother and family home?

Narration: Third person – mainly through Heather’s perspective

Character Development: Heather is character that is struggling to make ends meet. She had to sell most of her valuable stuff (including her cell phone) just to make it until she grabbed a crummy job. Her mother refuses to believe that their family home will be foreclosed, and she can’t do anything about it. At the beginning, the reader can tell that Heather is a fighter. She walks 40 blocks to get to work and can meet hardships/tests head on. Her judgment on things is not quite up to par with her fighting spirit. As for the other characters, the reader does not get as much information.

Plot Development/Flow: The plot is straightforward and easy to read through. There are a few things that I would have liked to have seen. First of all, the ending of the first book is very abrupt. I thought I would going into another chapter rather than realizing I should be going to the next book. The conflicts in the first book do not end or are addressed. For one thing, the first scene of the book is never mentioned again or referred to. Perhaps in the other books? Heather obviously gambles to try to win for her mother’s house. Does she get caught? Does she get enough money? Is she too late? No answers in this book, which is what the book is about. One final minor detail that I noticed is an incorrect time difference. England and New York have a difference of five hours (in June), not six. [I’m not sure of Japan’s difference, but it is stated as twelve in the book.] Overall, this really wasn’t a bad story, but the ending could have included more resolutions (even if it belongs to a series.)

Standalone or Part of a Series: First book of a series


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