Review for Iron Bonds by Billy Wong

iron bonds

My Rating:  3/5

Author:  Billy Wong
Title: Iron Bonds

Genre:  Fantasy


Amazon Description:
Action-packed fantasy adventure with a powerhouse female epic warrior in the spirit of Achilles or Beowulf.

The continuing saga of a young warrior whose army-slaying sword belies her kind heart.
Nearly indestructible warrior Rose has brought the use of magic back to her world with the help of her love Finn and scholar friend Derrick. Yet there is no time for weary heroes to rest as Death General Joghra, military leader of the most advanced nation in the world, and vengeful giantess Fiona come with a vast army to conquer their homeland. But as Rose and Finn clash with these titans with their underhanded tricks and endless horde, will it be the magic she has always feared that ends up costing Rose her love?

A full length novel. Third in the Iron Flower series.


My Short Summary:
This is the third book in the Legend of the Iron Flower series. If you haven’t read the other two, you may be in for some spoilers. (I will try to keep things a little vague for those who have not read the other books.) Although there is recap in this book, it’s probably a good idea to read this book after the other two.

Rose, Finn, and Derrick are in the middle of starting a magic center. Finn is still studying magic from the last book with the help of Derrick, and Rose is still off looking for adventures. She helps out in fierce battles against Death General Joghra. As always, she is up against some strong competition and a few surprises – poison, an old unexpected foe, babies, monsters, and another dragon – for this book.

Narration: Third person – mainly through Rose’s perspective

Character Development: A new component is added in this book to offset the heroine, Rose. The new component is children. Yep, you read right. Rose might be strong on the battlefield and confident with a sword, but not with babies. Also, there is something unusual that happens to Finn. (I will leave it at that.) As I stated from my last review (for book 2), I would have liked to have read about some explanation as to why Rose cannot die. Being a “freak” doesn’t really cut it for me. Also, Justin and Howard changed personalities in a very short time span. At first, I thought I mixed up the names when I was reading it, but I didn’t.

Plot Development/Flow: The book is like the other two with lots of action and fighting. There are some new rivals as well as old ones that pop up in this story. The plot moves fast and is similar to the other two books. The end leaves an opening for the next book; there is an unresolved issue to address.

Standalone or Part of a Series: Third book in a series



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