Review for The Pull by Brooke Morris


My Rating: 3/5

Author:  Brooke Morris
Title: The Pull

Genre:  Fantasy/Young Adult


Amazon Description:
Raised in the World of Men, 18 year old Maggie has just discovered that she is a forbidden half-breed, a cross between fairies and demons, that should have been annihilated before she was even born, before her mother could escape with her into the New World, the World of Men. She soon learns why her kind are so feared as she races to save a world she has never known yet feels intimately connected to. Will Maggie be able to save the Old World from a long dormant evil that will turn everything to ash and dust?


My Short Summary: The Pull was a young adult fantasy novel that followed Maggie through her discovery of the Old World – where creatures she never knew existed live. The story started off with how the six different gods and goddesses created the world. After they created life, those creatures soon fought against each other. Since man was at a disadvantage, the gods/goddesses created a whole new world for them only – sealing of the Old World with the other beings inside. Maggie entered this world through her dreams, where she met Andrew. When Andrew appeared in her real life, things started to take off. She eventually discovered that she was a hybrid – half fairy and half daemon. The Old World was dying and Maggie set out to save it.

Narration: First person – mostly through Maggie. There are a few passages that Andrew is the first person narrator

Character Development: The character development in the book was fairly good. I would have liked to see more about the characters’ pasts. Each character seemed to have his or her own quirks and beliefs that were consistent.

Plot Development/Flow: The flow of the plot would take its time in one part and then time seem to fly by in another, so it was slightly choppy for me. It was also a little weird (in the book) how time differed from the Old World and Maggie’s. However, the book tied everything back to the beginning which was nice, because I wasn’t sure how or if that would happen. I was also a little confuse with the whole Brian thing. It made me wonder if it was really necessary to have it in the book.

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: This is the first book in a series. Things are not completely settled at the end of the story but current conflicts are tied up fairly well.




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