Book Promotion: The Secrets of Casanova by Greg Michaels

Today’s book promotion comes from Greg Michaels and his book called The Secrets of Casanova. If you like historical romance novels, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

 the secrets of casanova

Book: The Secrets of Casanova
Author: Greg Michaels
Historical Romance/Literary Fiction

Publisher: Booktrope
Format: ebook and paperback
Release Date: November 15, 2013

Paris of 1755 is bloated with opportunity. That’s the way Jacques Casanova, an unredeemed adventurer with an ever-surging appetite for pleasure, needs it. But times, men, and gods are changing-and Jacques’ luck is fading. When he is thrust to the center of a profound mystery, he doesn’t care if vice or virtue leads him onward. “After all,” he declares, “a man who asks himself too many questions is an unhappy man.” But as Jacques’ challenges mount, what questions will he ask? What price must he pay to uncover a treasure of inestimable value?
I would give The Secrets of Casanova an “R” rating.  (Intended for mature

The Author:

Greg Michaels’s Website : Here
Q & A:

The best thing about writing this book?
1) The research was always beguiling.  2) Next best:  allowing solutions to writing problems to “bubble up” from my unconscious.  Miraculous, really.

Where did you get your idea for this story?
The idea for this story came from my own spiritual yearnings.

What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
 “Writing is rewriting.”  Have patience.

What is your favorite book?
 Too many to name

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
Hot chocolate-by a mile

I want to thank Greg Michaels for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read The Secrets of Casanova!


2 thoughts on “Book Promotion: The Secrets of Casanova by Greg Michaels

    • This is just a promotion to let people know about the book. There is no giveaway for it.

      There was a giveaway on Goodreads that was up on January 3rd. You might want to keep an eye out over there. Sometimes they do more than one giveaway for books.

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