Review for Daughter Cell by Jay Hartlove

daughter cell

My Rating: 4/5

Author:  Jay Hartlove
Title: Daughter Cell (Iris Rising Trilogy #2)

Genre:  Medical Thriller/Suspense


Amazon Description:
Sequel to The Chosen.
How far can you genetically alter someone before she becomes someone else? Before she loses her soul?

Leading genetic researcher Randolph Macklin wakes up in Malaysia to find a four month gap in his memory, his wife dead, and his daughter in a coma. As he and his psychiatrist, Sanantha Mauwad unravel the mystery, they find nothing and no one are what they appear to be. Ancient cults collide with cutting edge science in this tale of too much power driven by too much passion.


Daughter Cell is the second book in the Iris Rising Trilogy. I have not read the first book, The Chosen, but I did not feel lost while reading this book. Therefore, I believe anyone should be fine without reading the first. In this book, Randy (an American) wakes up and does remember what has happened the past four months in Kuala Lumpur. He remembers flying out to Malaysia with his daughter for his wife’s funeral. His friend/business partner Young Nae tells him that his daughter, Desiree, has been in a coma due to a snake bite which happened after Cheri’s burial. To help cope with his lost and memory issues, Randy seeks the help of a psychiatrist, Sanantha Mauwad. Instead of finding a resolution, they discover more questions to his memory lost and his daughter’s condition.

The story is written in third person, mostly following Randy or Sanantha. Randy has suffered from a recent loss of his wife and critical condition of his daughter. Something is not right with his memory lost. As he gets flashes of memories, strange things happen. Will he piece everything back together? Sanantha is Randy’s psychiatrist who originally grew up in Haiti. She believes in Voodoo and is able to have divine visions. She is a strong character and perhaps the key to helping Randy uncover the secrets of his lost memories.

The plot moved a long well. I do not want to provide any spoilers so please excuse the vagueness in this review. I haven’t read any books that take place in Malaysia so it was an interesting, new read for me. Throughout the book, the reader will know something is not right. However, there are a few twists along the way.

Overall it was a good read. If you like medical thrillers, you might want to give this book a try.



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