Sunday Recap December 1, 2013

Books read:

 the heart of the lion

 The Heart of the Lion by J.M. Barlog (BAK Books) – released October 5, 2012


This week’s published posts:

Book Blitz: Season of Second Chances by Brighton Walsh: here

Book Promotion: Live Once Very Equally (LOVE) by Anthony Heetland: here

Review for Twin Soul by K. A. Poe: here

Book Promotion: All Shook Up by Jacy Oliver: here

Book Blitz: The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard: here

Review for Hybrid by K.A. Poe: here

Next week’s postings:

Book Tour: Interview for A Grimm Legacy by Janna Jennings

Book Promotion: The Anger Within by Tom Ericson

Review for Daughter Cell by Jay Hartlove

Book Promotion: Affairs of Another American Revolution by William Clark Gayton

Flashback Friday: Stitches by Courtney Pierce

Book Blitz: Hattie: A Novel by Anna Bozena Bowen

Other Interesting News:

I hope all Americans had a nice Thanksgiving this week. It’s been busy. At least over time is coming closer to an end now. I am now up to 102 books read for the year!  Nothing much else to report this week…

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