Book Promotion: The Candle Seller by Milton E Lyles

Today’s book promotion comes from Milton E. Lyles and his book called The Candle Seller. If you like mysteries, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

the candle seller

Book: The Candle Seller
Author: Milton E. Lyles
Literacy Fiction/Mystery

Publisher: The Story Merchant
Format: Hardback, Paperback, eBook
Release Date: October 2013

Fate entwines the lives of Lonnie Jack Driscoll, Elston LeBreaux, and Rose Duvall during the summer of Jack’s seventeenth year. He walks a dangerous path that puts love in conflict with honor, courage at odds with cowardice, and dedication in a struggle with deceit.

            Lonnie’s future is shaped by the manipulations of his resentful mother, Lilly, her powerful wealthy brother, Shoog Hartwell, and his run away father’s vindictive lost love, Rose Duvall. This is an untraditional coming of age story. It is laced with vengeful evil, voodoo geis, unrequited love, and sacrifice. Lonnie his boyhood defined by lies go in quest of truth, and in time learns what only truly wise men know; the only truth in life is death all else is a sham contrived to lessen the pain of living.

            The vindictive and spiteful Rose plays upon Lonnie’s loneliness and unhappiness. She inculcates in him the desire to be her son, and uses friendship, love, voodoo, and a corrupt policeman in her attempts to destroy him. Rose fails to appreciate the bond that grows between Elston LeBreaux and Lonnie. Elston has reached the point in his life where he sees the falseness and destruction which evolves out of serving masters and causes in which he does not believe. He can no longer compromise his integrity and conspire to murder youthful dreams. He fights drugs, loneliness, isolation, and rejection to lead Lonnie on a journey to redemption. In the end it is Elston who become dependent upon Lonnie to bestow upon him the greatest gift that one man can give to another, as honorable death. Candle Seller is a journey from darkness into the light that precedes the final darkness that every man must enter, even the candle seller.

Buy on Amazon: Here

I want to thank Milton E. Lyles for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read The Candle Seller!

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