Review for Heiress of Lies by Cege Smith

heiress of lies

My Rating: 3.5/5

Author: Cege Smith
Title: Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1)

Genre: Paranormal


Amazon Description:
Blood never lies, but people do…

With the King of Altera on his deathbed, all eyes are on his only child, eighteen-year-old
Angeline Robart. Called from her studies to return to her father’s side, the Crown Princess is kidnapped en route by Connor, a mysterious rogue who has been waiting a long time for the chance to change his destiny.

Facing the consequences of a freak accident that even Connor could not prevent, Angeline is forced to travel a dangerous path to regain control of her fate and her kingdom. Her impossible choice requires her to rely on Connor, who epitomizes everything generations of her family tried to destroy.

As the last of the Robart bloodline, Angeline discovers that enemies she thought long conquered have been lying in wait for just such an opportunity as her father’s death to turn events to their advantage. Worse yet, by uncovering those secrets, Angeline must confront the possibility that no one ever expected her to take the throne in anything but title alone.

As her bond with Connor grows stronger, she realizes they have far more in common than she ever expected, and that could make him just the ally she needs.


Heiress of Lies is the first book in the series about a Princess who gets kidnapped on her way home to see her father who is on his deathbed. Being kidnapped by a vampire is the least of her worries when something bad happens to her that threatens not only her ascension to the throne but everything she thought she knew.

The story is written in third person, following Angeline and Connor. Angeline is the Princess of Altera and the only heir in line for the throne. She was sent to a convent to continue her studies before she would be brought back to take the throne. Because she is not a male heir, she must be married to become queen. Therefore, she is betrothed to the king’s advisor, Malin – a highly respected match amongst the people. When her father becomes deathly ill, she travels back to the kingdom from the convent. Along the way, her caravan is attacked. Angeline is kidnapped by Connor, a vampire – albeit a disgruntled one. Connor never wished to be vampire. He has spent the vast amount of his new existence seeking a cure for it. When the Master of the vampire declares that he will grant any desire to the vampire who brings back Angeline alive, he jumps at chance. But, he’s not the only one interested in Angeline.

Besides following the above storyline, the plot also centers on lies and betrayals. There are secrets from the past that are affecting the characters now. Angeline is special, and she becomes more special as this journey continues. The story leaves off for the next book to pick up. It was fairly short (for my usual length in books) and therefore a quick read. I liked the different twists in the book – deceptions, lies, etc. I would have liked to see a little more reaction of the people/characters during the last two chapters. Obviously there are other books, but a few more paragraphs would have been nice. For example, two characters got maybe a line or two about what happened after a certain event. I think this should have been expanded upon.

Overall I enjoyed the book. If you like paranormal stories (with vampires/fantasy kingdoms), then you might want to try this book.



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