Book Promotion: Fossil River by Jock Miller

Today’s book promotion comes from Jock Miller and his book called Fossil River. If you like science fiction, take a look below. You might just find another book for your “to read” pile!

[Promotion submitted by Ken Atchity]

fossil river

Book: Fossil River
Author: Jock Miller
Science Fiction

Publisher: Story Merchant Books
Format: Paperback and eBook
Released: May 21, 2012


From the publisher of Careers & The disABLEd Magazine, Jock Miller, comes an action-packed thriller set in the wilderness of Northern Alaska, Fossil River. The main characters– a wounded warrior Marine from the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, and a the brilliant curator of NY’s Museum of Natural History, along with her teenage son and his girlfriend–pitted against a colony of living fossils, which happen to be the most vicious predators that ever walked the earth.

Will the nation be plunged into darkness because the United States cannot get access to the largest fossil fuel deposit in the world in time to prevent the lights and mobility fuel from being extinguished, plunging the nation into utter financial ruin and darkness? Will they survive?

 Fossil fuel has an ageless affinity with dinosaurs. To create oil, dinosaurs died.

The world’s largest fossil fuel deposit is discovered in a remote mountain range within Alaska’s Noatak National Preserve.

Preventing access to it is a colony of living dinosaurs–protecting its territory to the death as the nation’s lights are about to extinguish. Will the nation go dark or will the US Military succeed in gaining access in time to save the nation from utter disaster.

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The Author:

Jock Miller’s Website: Here
Jock Miller’s Book Trailer: Here
Jock Miller’s Facebook: Here

Jock miller

Jock Miller received a BS degree in Zoology from Ohio Wesleyan University. Focus of study: paleontology, ornithology, and comparative anatomy. He attended Harvard Business School to participate in a case study publishing management program sponsored by the American Business Press.

Before starting his own publishing company, Miller served as Director of Marketing and Sales Service for Billboard Publications, Inc, then Director of Circulation for the twelve magazine publishing company. Miller has appeared on cable TV talk shows, been interviewed on numerous radio talk shows and interviewed live on the Today Show by Barbara Walters. He has been a guest lecturer at C.W. Post College, and C.W. Post Brentwood Campus, lecturing on industry’s responsibility to society and its community.

Miller is Director Emeritus of The First National Bank of Long Island where he served on the Board for twenty-three years. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Middleby Company as Chairman of the Compensation Committee. He is past President of the Boards of The Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum and The Huntington Arts Council, and served on the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery Board of Directors. He has served as an Elder and Deacon of the First Presbyterian Church of Huntington.

Miller has received the Pericles Award for his work promoting people with disAbilites, Wounded Warriors, Minorities and Women into the workforce through his company, EOP, Inc. ( He is also the recipient of the Valley Forge Honor Certificate recognizing his contribution to a free society.

His hobbies are fly fishing, writing novels, playing the bag pipes and the piano. Miller is an amateur radio operator, K2MUS.


I want to thank Jock Miler for allowing me to promote his book on my blog. I hope this post has inspired you to go out and read Fossil River!


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