Review for Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn Hart

ghost gone wild

My Rating: 4/5

Author: Carolyn Hart
Title:  Ghost Gone Wild

Genre: Paranormal Mystery


Amazon Description:
Bailey Ruth loves to return to earth as an emissary from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions. Problem is, she’s a bit of a loose cannon as far as ghosts go—forgetting to remain invisible, alarming earthly creatures—so she’s far from the top of department head Wiggins’s go-to list for assignments.

That’s why she’s surprised when the Heaven-sent Rescue Express drops her off at a frame house on the outskirts of her old hometown, Adelaide, Oklahoma, where a young man is playing the drums. What kind of rescuing does he need—drum lessons? But when a window cracks and a rifle barrel is thrust inside, only Bailey Ruth’s hasty intervention saves Nick Magruder from taking a bullet. When she materializes to reassure him, she finds she can’t go back to vanishing. What gives?

It turns out she’s been tricked by Nick’s late aunt—Delilah Delahunt Duvall—to come to the young man’s rescue, which means she isn’t back on earth in service of the department. Wiggins has no idea where she is—and now she may be trapped in Adelaide forever. Unless she can help Aunt Dee snare the person who wants her nephew dead…


Ghost Gone Wild is a cozy murder mystery novel with its main character, Bailey Ruth, as a ghost. Bailey stumbles into to trouble when she leaves heaven to help out a ghost’s nephew, Nick Magruder. Unbeknownst to Bailey, this heavenly mission was not approved by Wiggins, and she is stranded on earth trying to protect Nick from murder. Bailey must use her sleuthing skills to determine who the attempted murderer is and why. She eventually teams up with his Aunt Dee – who sent Bailey on this mission. Can she solve the mystery and prove Nick’s innocence before it’s too late?

The story is written in first person following Bailey Ruth. As a ghost, she is able to disappear and reappear on earth, stay invisible or be seen, and move objects. She is…I shall use the word: quirky. She loves changing outfits and doesn’t mind breaking the rules that guide the emissaries from heaven. When she gets to earth to save Nick, she finds out she is stuck there because it was not a true mission from the Department of Good Intentions. Using her sleuthing skills and sweet talk, Bailey goes undercover in different disguises to solve the crime. Nick’s Aunt Dee joins up with Bailey. Although the two are different in the styles of their mission, they want to help protect Nick and find the perpetrator before the Department of Good Intentions/Wiggins finds out and takes them back to heaven. Nick is a young man who struck it rich with a video game. He was picked on in high school, and thus, doesn’t mind showing his influence as a wealthy man now. This, however, surfaces different targets that might want to hurt Nick. Add in an old historical treasure hunt to this mystery and there are more targets/motives to deal with.

I won’t go into the plot in much detail because this is a mystery novel. One thing that I would have liked to see was a little more background on Bailey Ruth – such as her husband, her life on earth, her children, etc. The reader doesn’t get too much of her background minus the quotes that her mama used to tell her. I would have also liked to see a few short stories from her prior missions to earth.

Overall I enjoyed the book. If you like cozy mysteries and ghosts, then you should check this book out.



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