Sunday Recap October 20, 2013

Books read:


Lovers and Liars by Sally Beauman (Ivy Books) – Released January 30, 1995

This week’s published posts:

Book Promotion: The Symbiotic Section by Tina Louise Brotz: Here

Review for The Blood of Titans by C. Michael Forsyth: Here

Book Promotion and Book Blitz: Changes Vol. 1 (Family Portrait) by Gillian Felix: Here

Review for Duality by E. R. Pierce: Here

Next week’s postings:

Book Promotion: Outlaw Muse by Lauren Linwood

Review for Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn Hart

Cover Reveal: Duality (The Hitchhiker Strain #2) by Kellie Sheridan

Review for Desperately Seeking Heaven by Jill Steeples

Other Interesting News:

1. Only read one book this week, but it was a long one at 590 pages – so that’s around my 2 book average in pages 🙂

2. Blog tours have started! Please be sure to check back all this month and next for new ones.

3. Want to participate in blog tours? Well, here’s one way:
You can sign up to be a host for CTC Virtual Book Tours (

CTC  (Ashley) wants you to know that:

  1. I never turn down an interested host because they don’t have a big enough following.
  2. I never restrict the number of stops on a tour so if you’re interested – you’re in!
  3. Sometimes I offer prizes for tour hosts.
  4. I promote ALL genres of books.  I know it has been mostly historical lately but there are more books (historical, romance, thriller, YA coming along in the not-so-distant future).
  5. I’m super easy to work with as I try to keep the stress down and since I use DropBox to send you files you aren’t drowning in a ton of e-mails from me.
  6. I promote YOUR post and YOUR site on my webpage, Facebook and Twitter.  Have you not seen my tweets during a tour?  🙂

Sign up through the link above and then e-mail CTC at and say, “New tour host – referred by Book Hostage.”

Remember you can also find me:

twitter-bird-blue-on-white facebook2

Have a book that you would like reviewed? Click here

Want to promote your book for free on this blog? Click here



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