Review for Duality by E. R. Pierce


My Rating: 3/5

Author: E. R. Pierce
Title: Duality (Cordelia Kelly #1)

Genre: Paranormal


Amazon Description:
My name is Cordelia Kelly and I’m an empath. I know what you’re thinking. In fact, I know what you’re feeling, too. I could use your emotions against you or free you from their constraints. My choice, really, and depends on my mood. You see, I filter both light and dark emotions from humans, but which I chose depends on which side of me is in charge.

I’m not normal. I am the line walker and restorer of balance. A Royal. Think black sheep with red hair – not the blonde bombshell princess. I’m an aberration and unique. Not fully light, nor fully dark. Not accepted by anyone, but wanted by everyone. Mostly for their own amusements or nefarious purposes.

Except for Sol Winterborn. He sees the real me. When fate throws us together to unravel the mystery of my grandmothers death, we have to choose our destiny. Walk together… or continue alone?

The problem is I’ve been found by those who want me dead, and Sol has deep secrets of his own. My only choice now is to fight… or die.

The road is dark, yet I follow the light.

For now.


Duality is the first book in a series. The story is about an empath named Cordelia. Cordelia’s personality is split between light and dark (also referred to as Delia and Cordy.) Her light side helps eases pain, anxiety, anger, fear, etc. She can be naïve at times and seeks the good in all people. Her dark side unleashes the pain, fear, anxiety, etc. back into the person. This side is good at revenge or if Cordelia finds herself in a dangerous situation. Her empathic abilities also control the elements – although she doesn’t have much control over them. For example, when she cries, she can cause a flash flood. Cordelia meets Sol, another empath, at a bar. There is an attraction between the two, but certain events cause a strain in their budding relationship.

The story is written in first person following Cordelia. Cordelia can be confusing at times between the switch of her Cordy/Delia personalities – although she states she is one person despite the two completely different controlling personalities. Depending on which personality you get, will determine the traits. Sol is another main character in the story. Sol has had a tainted past, but seems genuine in helping Cordelia with her life. There are not too many characters in the book which shows how isolated Cordelia really is.

The story had an interesting premise. I think I would have enjoyed the story more with a little less sexual content and more explanation on the events/past of the characters and their abilities. The reader is given a brief history of the light and dark empaths as well as a few sentences here and there about Cordelia’s life, but that’s about it. I wanted to know more about the different abilities, Sol’s past, etc. The story also ends directly (and I mean directly) after the climax. There is no explanation or down time afterwards. I’m assuming the “I’ll explain…” at the end of the book will be part of the next one?

Overall, it was an interesting read. If you like paranormal reads that looks at both good and bad in one person, then you might want to try this book.



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