Review for The Blood of Titans by C. Michael Forsyth

blood of titans

My Rating: 4/5

Author: C. Michael Forsyth
Title: The Blood of Titans

Genre: Historical Fiction


Goodreads Description:
The Blood of Titans is a unique love story set in the Golden Age of Africa. It is the tale of Halima, a teenage princess who falls in love with a warrior king. Enormous obstacles lie in the way of their happiness. In the course of their adventures, Princess Halima learns about loss, duty, and the high price of romantic love — and must make a choice that determines the future of kingdoms.


The Blood of Titans is a historical fiction book that takes place in Africa. Princess Halima’s kingdom is under attack from a nearby kingdom. As a result, her aged father arranges her betrothal with The People of the Snake Kingdom. From their alliance, they should be able to withstand and defeat their enemies, Zimbai. On her way to her wedding, Halima and those accompanying her are attacked. Most die, but Halima with two servants escape. Through their travels to safety, they encounter the giants of the Baka Kingdom – who live on the mountains. Halima offers herself as a slave and potential wife in exchange for her servants to go free to get help. This is only a start of what Halima faces in the book.

The Blood of Titans is not a book that I would normally read, but I found myself enjoying it. The book is written in third person following Halima. Halima is a strong character. While reading, I had to keep reminding myself that she was fifteen when the book started. She seemed older to me. Halima is the type of character that is proud of who she is and stands up to protect her people and those she loves. She believes in loyalty and bides her time when faced with difficult tasks. The book provides different characters from her family/kingdom, as well as, those from The People of the Snake and the Baka kingdoms. Despite being an enemy force, individual characters from the Zimbai Kingdom are not focused on in this story. The characters are well written. However, I would have liked to see a little more background history (or stories) about some of the main characters.

The story moves well with action throughout the book. There are some twists along the way and predicaments that make the reader wonder how Halima (or whichever character) will get out of it. Proverbs, songs, and stories are used throughout the book, which imparts Halima’s culture to the reader. Along with the descriptions, this story will make you feel like you are in Africa.

Overall I enjoyed the book. If you like historical fiction and the golden age of Africa, then you should try this book.



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