Sunday Recap

Books read:

 desperately seeking heaven

Desperately Seeking Heaven by Jill Steeples (Carina UK) – released August 27, 2013

cloud nine

Cloud Nine by Melissa A. Smith (Silver Lined Books) – released January 3, 2011

This week’s published posts:

 Book Promotion: Civilised Blood by Tom Phelps and John Gallagher: Here

Review for Midnight Conquest by Arial Burnz: Here

Cover reveal: Stars of Bethlehem by Sarah Dalty: Here

Review for Forevermore by Cindy Miller: Here

Next week’s postings:

Book Promotion: The Astral Ordinance Book II by Meltem Y K (tour hosted by Yah Gotta Read This)

Review for Darkness Rising by Peter Koevari

Book Promotion: Running Home by T. A. Hardenbrook (tour hosted by Bare Naked Words)

Review for Midnight Captive by Arial Burnz


Other Interesting News:

1. Yep, I changed the layout/content of the Sunday Recap. I’m playing around with it at the moment, so it might change next week!

2. This week I’m going to have limited internet access. I have scheduled all blog postings/promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, just because something is posted, does not mean I’m online doing it (technically, I’m usually not on anyway because 99% of everything related to Book Hostage is scheduled in advance.) I will get to all emails and messages eventually. Do not fear!

3. Lots of blog tours coming up this month! Make sure you stop back often to see them!

4. As of September 19th, I have decided to put a temporary hold on accepting books. (If we are in the middle of setting up a review, this will not affect that.) I want to get caught up on some of the books I have to read. I will update the Review Book Request page when I will be accepting more books. I am, however, accepting books to promote for free. These books do not get a review by me, but they will be promoted on my blog. For more details on that, please click here.

Remember you can also find me:

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