Reflecting Back on Book: What do you think about?

Have you ever associated a song with a person or event? Most people do. I do this with books!

Here are just a few examples….



Outlander was the first book I bought for my Kindle. I never read it before I wanted to get a good time travel story as my first buy. Looking about online, there were a lot of suggestions for this book. Okay, I’ll try it. So when I think back to reading Outlander, I think about sitting at my computer debating on buying it and starting the book at work once I downloaded it.



Heart of a Knight is a book I relate to waiting for my car to be inspected. It was in December and the lobby was a little cold, but I passed the hour reading a portion of this book.

Grunge frame


The Call: Time Masters is one I associate with waiting for our new hire to start. The receptionist position at work was being filled, and the rest of us in the office were taking turns out front in the meantime. I started this book when it was my turn out front – the week before the new receptionist started.



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reminds me of my Grandmother’s neighbor who was so amazed that I finished a book this size and within 24 hours – staying up at all hours of the night. I can remember saying something along the lines of “But it was good!”



 Awaken the Highland Warrior was the first book I read after Outlander – a hard book to follow.  After a great book, I’m always scared to start another because I might still have expectations like the one I just finished – Book Hangover, people! But, I really did enjoy this book. So I think about how pleasantly surprised I was after reading Outlander to find another book that I loved.

What about you? Do you do this? What is the book and association?


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