5 Twitter Points for my Blog: How do you Tweet?

How many of you have a Twitter account? If you don’t, do you have a Facebook account? I know some people who refuse to either of them. I have both – thanks to this blog.

1. My Online Social History

Prior to my blog I only had a personal Facebook account. After getting past the obsessive gaming stage, I found a lot more free time and just periodically posted statuses or responded to some. With a blog, I wanted to keep things separate: Book world and my own personal account. I started with a twitter account because this seemed more popular than Facebook for this type of thing. It took me a little while to get the differences. I still want to say “post” instead of “tweet” and “friends” instead of “followers.” What can I say? Old habits die hard. But, things are working out now.

2. Things I Like and Dislike about Twitter

As I go about my blog business, I can see how others use their account. Many promote their blogs, books, and other personal advertising. Hash tags are very popular in the Twitter world. I still find these distracting while trying to read a tweet. Short URLs are an awesome way to save space, but I hate the character limit when tweeting! I am not short on words [if you need a reference, just ask any professor who assigned a paper], so it has been a challenge to shorten what I want to say.

After about two months on Twitter, I managed to get over 500 followers. I find this not too shabby for a newbie like myself. I actually prefer following other blogs on Twitter – especially those that are not on WordPress. I rather not subscribe by email – that’s just too many emails to go through. Twitter allows me to follow other blogs with the overload to my inbox.

3. Niceness and Rudeness

As with any social site, you discover nice people and rude people. Thankfully most people I have met on Twitter are very nice. There have been a few that I consider to be rude – or rather, lack “twitter” manners. For instance, you should not follow me and then unfollow me within 48 hours. Then within another week or two, re-follow me and then unfollow me again within 48 hours. (Blocking is also a nice feature to Twitter.) This leads me to my next thought….

4. How Do You Manage Your Followers?

Justunfollow.com or similar site is a great tool to use. For me, I have a handful of people that I follow that I follow regardless if they follow me back. Usually if a book blogger or author follows me, I follow back – this is assuming that have an indication of this in their bios. I have private lists to keep track of who I follow/followed. If a person is inactive for one month or more, I will unfollow them. Right now, I have decided to do this:

Day 1 – follow a handful of people. These usually come from the “who should I follow” section on Twitter. I think I do about a dozen or so at a time. I’m not desperately trying to have the most followers.

Day 3 (yes I skipped Day 2) – unfollow anyone that has not followed me back that have been online with the past 24 hours (usually you can tell by the status update – especially those conversing with someone else.) If they have not been on Twitter during that time, I leave them on for a little longer.

Day 4 – Repeat process.

I usually give someone one full week to follow back if they have not been active on Twitter. If not, I unfollow. If they do later decide to follow me (I can usually see this due to my list), then I will follow back.

Once in a while, I will accidently unfollow someone when I’m adding or changing them on a list. I obviously have hand-eye coordination issues! In which case, this person might find me re-following them again. Sorry about that if this happened to you! It was unintentional.

5. How Do I Tweet?

Most of my standard postings are scheduled in advanced from Hootsuite.com. Usually these are professional – blog updates, questions that I might use answers to in later postings, etc. In addition to scheduled postings, I try to spend at least one or two days a week retweeting other tweets – such as to promote a giveaway, a review of a book I read, interesting quotes or news, etc. On Fridays, I like to do Follow Friday (#FF). How do I pick my people for this? Well, if we had some sort of conversation on Twitter that week, then you are put on the list. Fairly simple: if you want an #FF from me, talk to me during the week.

Questions for You?

So now that you know how I use Twitter. How do you?

  1. Do you use sites like Justunfollow.com or Hootsuite.com? How do you like them?
  2. How do you follow people? Do you have a method?
  3. Have you had any bad experiences with others on Twitter?

Have a Twitter account? Find me here!


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