The Machine – a short story from long ago

I was going through some old papers, and I came across some of my school things. I found a story I wrote when I was about 10 years old (so we’re talking ages ago…okay, maybe not ages but definitely the 1990s.) I wanted to share this one with you because of the ending.

One Sunday morning I was reading the newspaper. I noticed it said the president was coming to town and was having a contest. It said you had to have the most original machine that will improve our lives. The grand prize winner gets to be president for a day, and a one-thousand dollar savings bond for college. Second prize a five hundred dollar savings bond. Third prize one hundred dollar savings bond. I thought for an hour on what I should make. Then I decided on what I was going to call it “the pollution eater”. By the name you can tell what it does. It took me a week to build it. Then I had to go to a special building just outside of town. A man in a suit came to the door. “The president isn’t going to judge your machine right now, but it will be video taped  for safety precautions,” explained the man. He took me into a room with a camera in the corner. My machine in the center. He told me to stand in front of the camera and explain my machine. So I told them the machine was made out of pop cans, wires, paper, and runs on solar power. It cleans the air, ground, and water all at once. It can fold up into the closet. I made it because people have to keep nature clean but need help. The man asked a few questions and then I went home. The president announced the winners two days later. Third prize was a machine that stored all books so you don’t waste paper. Second I won. First was a superhypernuclearpowerworldprotector. I have no idea how she made it.

The third prize winner sounds really familiar, doesn’t it? I guess at the time I didn’t realize how popular Kindles and Nooks would be when I grew up! It kind of makes you wonder what sort of made up inventions will become a reality in the next few decades.

Oh and didn’t seem to keep the instructions on how to make the Pollution Eater or the machine itself; I know you all were wondering.

And yes, I kept the grammatical errors in. Hey, I was only a kid! 🙂


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