Review for 25 Perfect Days by Mark Tullius

25 prefect days

My Rating: 4/5

Author: Mark Tullius
Title: 25 Perfect Days

Genre: Dystopian


Amazon Description:
A totalitarian state doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a slow, dangerous slide. 25 Perfect Days chronicles the path into a hellish future of food shortages, contaminated water, sweeping incarceration, an ultra-radical religion, and the extreme measures taken to reduce the population. Through twenty-five interlinked stories, each written from a different character’s point of view, 25 Perfect Days captures the sacrifice, courage, and love needed to survive and eventually overcome this dystopian nightmare.

25 Perfect Days is dystopian novel that connects short stories of the characters throughout the book. The stories begin on August 19, 2036 and ends December 25, 2076. Each chapter is a different perspective of a character – although some characters are related – in third person. For example, there is about 3 generations that are followed in this book. They even span a few generations. With so many perspectives, it can be confusing at times to read. There is a list of characters in the back, but you have to watch for spoilers. The novel follows these characters on the changes to the United States and “The Way” – a religious organization that slowly becomes more powerful. The government slowly changes things such as driver licenses, birth regulations, death sentences, etc. Not only are there political changes, but environmental changes cause extreme heat, pollution, and food/water contamination. As the novel continues, there are rebels out to stop the Controllers and The Way. The plot moves along well. The stories make it easy to stop if you have to, but at times it can be hard to keep everyone in line. The story takes on a different twist for a dystopian novel.

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  If you like dystopian novels set in the near future, you might want to try this book.



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