Review for Cobweb Bride by Vera Nazarian

cobweb bride

My Rating: 3.5/5

Author: Vera Nazarian
Title: Cobweb Bride (Cobweb Bride Trilogy)

Genre: Fantasy

Amazon Description:
Many are called… She alone can save the world and become Death’s bride.
COBWEB BRIDE (Cobweb Bride Trilogy, Book One) is a history-flavored fantasy novel with romantic elements of the Persephone myth, about Death’s ultimatum to the world.
What if you killed someone and then fell in love with them?
In an alternate Renaissance world, somewhere in an imaginary “pocket” of Europe called the Kingdom of Lethe, Death comes, in the form of a grim Spaniard, to claim his Bride. Until she is found, in a single time-stopping moment all dying stops. There is no relief for the mortally wounded and the terminally ill….
Covered in white cobwebs of a thousand snow spiders she lies in the darkness… Her skin is cold as snow… Her eyes, frozen… Her gaze, fiercely alive…
While kings and emperors send expeditions to search for a suitable Bride for Death, armies of the undead wage an endless war… A black knight roams the forest at the command of his undead father… Spies and political treacheries abound at the imperial Silver Court…. Murdered lovers find themselves locked in the realm of the living…
Look closer–through the cobweb filaments of her hair and along each strand shine stars…
And one small village girl, Percy–an unwanted, ungainly middle daughter–is faced with the responsibility of granting her dying grandmother the desperate release she needs.
As a result, Percy joins the crowds of other young women of the land in a desperate quest to Death’s own mysterious holding in the deepest forests of the North…
And everyone is trying to stop her.


Cobweb Bride is the first book in the Cobweb Bride trilogy. Death has ceased to take lives until his cobweb bride is found. Think about it. No one or thing can die. This story follows different characters on their quest to find the cobweb bride for death. No one knows who she is or what she looks like. Hence, all eligible ladies must seek the Death’s Keep and present themselves to death as his bride.

The story follows three main parties. One party is with Percy – a middle child who is not loved by her mothers and sisters. She sets out with other girls to find Death’s Keep and offer herself as Death’s cobweb bride. Although not beautiful or respected as her sisters, Percy has a good heart and strong character. She becomes a leader for the other girls who travel with her. She shows bravery and has an uncanny ability to see shadows of death. Another party involves a black knight. The knight’s father had “died” in battle. However, since he cannot actually die, the father remains undead. He orders his son to stop all cobweb bride prospects from reaching Death’s Keep, so that he can “live” forever. His son does not feel this is right, but he cannot disobey his father as long as he is among the living. The finally party involves an imperial princess who was also murdered. She volunteers to go as the cobweb bride. Considering she is already dead, she feels that she would be perfect as his bride. Throughout her life, she had always been sickly-never sure if she could fulfill her role as princess and heir to the kingdom. Becoming undead has made her feel more resilient and purposeful. She sets out to find Death’s keep with an unlikely character.

The plot was a little confusing at the beginning, because it jumped between different groups. Eventually, it narrowed down to three main groups, which was easier to follow. The concept of the story was intriguing. How do you survive when there is no death? You can’t eat live meat or plants that continue to live. What about the mortally wounded or ill? They are stuck in a perpetual state between life and death. There were a few parts of the plot that were repetitious. For example, the Infanta’s death was described in detail twice – through two perspectives. The ending left questions unanswered. I would imagine these questions would be answered throughout the next two books.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, it was a good read. If you like alternate historical settings with a paranormal twist, then you might like this book.



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