Review for Fading Echoes by Jaime McDougall


My Rating: 4/5

Author:  Jaime McDougall
Title: Fading Echoes (Echo Falls) (Volume 2)

Genre:  Paranormal


Amazon Description:
In a town full of werewolves and legends, Charlotte Peterson is unique. As the first ‘pure-bred’ werewolf in Echo Falls, she struggles to fit in even amongst her pack. When Dr. Adam Baker arrives in town, Charlotte is forced to balance their growing friendship with her need to keep the pack’s secrets – and her own. But she is not the only one keeping secrets and Adam’s past could threaten them all. That is not the only danger. Compass, the genetic research company intent on isolating the ‘werewolf gene’, will do whatever it takes to gain the final advantage over all werewolves. Compass CEO Calvin Stephens has a very special plan in mind for Charlotte… Time is running out for Charlotte and the pack as Calvin’s plans near completion. In a town where secrecy is the key to survival, can Charlotte trust Adam to help her? Or has she revealed the deadliest secret of them all?  


Fading Echoes is the second book of the Echo Falls series. I had not read the first book prior to this one. However, I did not feel lost while reading. This book took place years later, but still features some of the characters from the first book – according to the description I read about the first one. So, if you want to just read volume 2, you can do so easily. However, there are major spoilers for the first book if you plan to go back later.

The story is written in the third person that mostly follows Charlotte Peterson, a pure-bred werewolf – werewolf from both parents. She was just barely a toddler in the first book. Now, she is twenty years old. When she was about one year old, she was kidnapped by a hunter (one who hunts werewolves.) Since then, she is bound and determined to find out everything she can about hunters to keep her pack safe. Charlotte’s parents want her to become a doctor, because hiding werewolf secrets is hard in the medical field. On the other hand, Charlotte has no interest in becoming a doctor, but she is unsure what to do with her life. This creates some conflict, as well as, a need for self-direction. Calvin Stephens is the CEO of Compass – a new medical institution that branched out to Echo Falls. He has his eye on Charlotte, as well as, doing genetic experiments with werewolves. He wants to continue his father’s experiments and has some secrets of his own. Dr. Adam Baker is a newcomer to town – a sort of floating doctor. He and Charlotte have an instant attraction. However, Dr. Baker is human, and Charlotte must keep her werewolf identity secret (not only for her but for the pack.) He knows Charlotte is hiding something, and he wants to find out. In summary, most characters were multi-dimensional and faced different conflicts and struggles within the book.

The plot is a little slow to start after the prologue, but it picks up the pace in the latter half of the book. Charlotte discovers that Compass and Calvin Stephens is not exactly what everyone thinks they are. She feels something is wrong with them and is determined to find out. She incorporates the alpha’s son, Tom, and her closest friend with her investigations. However, Charlotte’s and Tom’s parents are against any researching with hunters. When Dr. Curtis (the human doctor that knows about werewolves) has to leave town for a while, Dr. Adam Baker comes in as a temp. Although he and Charlotte seem to strike it off, Adam believes that there is something more to Charlotte and her family than what’s being said. He is on a mission to discover this secret.  Will he discover their secret? Although a little slow at first, the story soon picked up for me, along with a few twists in the story.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, I enjoyed the book. If you like paranormal/werewolves stories, you might like this book.



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