Review for Demigod Conception by Harlen Bayha


My Rating: 3/5

Author:  Harlen Bayha
Title: Demigod Conception (Volume 1)

Genre:  Fantasy


Amazon Description:
“Kyla Farmer, a burned out firefighter, stops a madman on a shotgun rampage in Las Vegas, but dies in the process. Death wasn’t anything like she expected, and not nearly as permanent. Summoned from that terrifying darkness, she becomes a demon on the planet Hustis, far from everything she knows on Earth, and bound into slavery to a deranged keeper. While she remains sane, she has powers she never dreamed of, and the capacity to destroy everything in her path.

Forced to assassinate a leader in the archaic town of Dubrogund, Kyla fights against her master’s commands, nearly succeeding in saving that one life, when the man responsible for bringing her to Hustis in the first place completes her task for her and frees both of them from their psychological controls.

Kyla fumbles through her new world in search of a place to belong, a bit of solace from her own failures, and vengeance against the woman who bound her there. She allies herself with an assassin with no clients, a colonel with no army, a molder from whom she must hide her very nature, and a bard on a quest for revenge.

Armed with new allies and the power to shape her body as she sees fit, Kyla must decide what role she will take in this new world. Shall she become a demon, or a demigod?”

Demigod Conception is the first book in the series. When Kyla dies, she finds herself on another planet. She is considered a “demon” and is controlled by Iron, a leader who dresses similar to a clown. Whatever Iron commands, Kyla must obey. However, her shelf life as a demon is short and she is desperate to go home. Iron promises that if Kyla helps defeat the leader of a nearby town, she will help her get back home. Kyla sets out to murder the opposing leader. During this time, she learns more about herself and Iron’s lies. Now she seeks revenge with the help of some unlikely characters.


The book is written is third person, mostly following Kyla. Kyla was a firefighter and a do-gooder before she died. Suffering from guilt from a fire rescue gone wrong, she still seeks to help people and to find a purpose. Now as a demon, she has certain abilities that can be used for good – if she can get away from Iron.  I would have liked to have read a little more about her old life (prior to her death.) I think it could have made her more defined. Some of the other characters also could have used a little more background in the book rather than some brief descriptions.


The plot followed Kyla in her experiences with in a strange new world.  There is action and adventure throughout the book, as well as different creatures and abilities. At some points, there was some jumping in the timeline. For instance, at the beginning, I thought it was the same day rather than the next. Considering this is the first book of the series, I am assuming there will be more about a certain character that is at the beginning of the book and then never seen or heard from again. I was also a little fuzzy with the whole baby thing. I would imagine these things are addressed in the next book.

The Bottom Line:
Although not exactly the type of book I usually read, overall it was a good read. If you like other world/fantasy/sci-fi books, you might want to give this book a try.



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