What’s Your Fairytale?

Like many children (and even adults), I love fairytales. The magical worlds, pretty dresses (yes, I am one of those girls), adventure, and love could keep me entertained for hours. What are my top 3 fairytale stories? [I like the happily ever after versions the best.]

  1. The Little Mermaid – Okay, growing up this was my favorite Disney movie, and I think the first one I saw in the theater. When I was little, you couldn’t get me out of the water. Granted, it might have been hard getting me in the bathtub, but once I was there, I was not getting out. Who wouldn’t like a story about a mermaid, an evil sea witch, talking sea life, and a handsome prince? The Little Mermaid was written in 1836 by Hans Christian Anderson
    (Picture source )
  2. Beauty and the Beast – First of all, the main character loves books. This is a guarantee win I with me. Second, the prince is furry and has an under bite – reminds me of my childhood dog. Moving furniture in the castle is also an easy task – especially if you are into redecorating. Finally, reciprocated love is always a good thing in fairytales. With all the reading I do, I think this most likely resembles me now – although I have cats not a beast. Beauty and the Beast was written in 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.
    (Picture source)
  3. Sleeping Beauty – Now here I thought I liked to sleep! A hidden princess, magical fairies, dragon-slaying prince, and roses (one of my favorite flowers) are a part of this story. This encourages my mantra to shop – I don’t want to prick my finger on a spindle! I also find that I shouldn’t feel guilty about sleeping so long. Sleeping Beauty was written in 1697 by Charles Perrault.
    (Picture source)

    sleeping beauty

It was hard to narrow down my favorites. How about you? What are your favorite classic fairytales?


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