3 Random Thoughts Somehow Related to Reading

Is it just me or am I the only one that does not drink wine on a daily basis? I think about every book I read (obviously adult books) has the main character sipping a glass a wine every night or at every dinner. I’m not against wine – I’m not that particularly fond of it – but I go for a nice glass of water or soda instead. What about everyone else?


I admit that I am legally an adult – not that I have to act it. When reading young adult books (which I love), I cannot help but think back to my days as a teenager. And then I think, “I went to the wrong school.” I mean, maybe it was just my high school but boys were not nearly as hot or “perfect” like the ones in these books. I guess that’s why it’s part of the fiction category. Among the daily routines, the boys in my school had farting contests in the back of the room. I have yet to read about this in any young adult fiction books. [Any authors who decide to incorporate this in their books I want an honorable mention and a chance to read the book!]


In between reading, I have to work. During work, I will sometimes go into the bathroom (which is one room that both the men and women share in the office) and there sitting on the slope of the porcelain bowl is a wad of toilet paper so thick that it must belong to Paul Bunyan. Seriously, who uses that much toilet paper? It takes several flushes to get that thing down the hole. Anyone walking in the hallway must think, “What the hell is going on in there?” Restroom habits of others just scare me….

 toilet paper

Okay, so maybe the third random thought wasn’t very closely related to books, but it needed to be said!


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