5 Random Reading Thoughts

While reading have you ever:

1. OK versus okay – Seen the word “OK” and think of Oklahoma (OK) instead of “okay”?

OK2. Jump – Jumped by a loud noise while reading an intense moment in a book?

lucy book 1
Images are from I Love Lucy (Season 1, Episode 4)

3. Stay up late – Stayed up to the wee hours of the morning because you could not wait to see what happens in the book? You kept telling yourself, “Just one more chapter….”


4. Smelling – Randomly smelt your paperback or hardback books?

smell of books

Image source: here

5. Plot Murder – Thought about murdering someone who interrupted you while you were reading, borrowed a book and never gave it back, returned a borrow book in worse condition, or does not indulge in your delusions that fictional characters are real and have feelings?

murder weapons

Image source: here


2 thoughts on “5 Random Reading Thoughts

  1. Hey, it’s Kezia from twitter 😛

    I totally agree with smelling books and staying up late 😀 I stayed up till midnight to read Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess a few days ago xD and sometimes I just got distracted and inhale the smell of the papers. Nice post!! ❤

    • Hi Kezia 🙂
      LOL, I’m just glad there are so many more people out there that smell their books! I don’t feel like a freak anymore….well, less of a freak 😉
      Thanks for commenting. See you around!


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