Review for Magick Marked by Chauntelle Baughman


My Rating: 3.5/5

Author: Chauntelle Baughman
Title: Magick Marked

Genre: Paranormal


Amazon Description:
“Forced into a world of ancient magick and fabled creatures, vampire Rhowen Vasile has been honored with the prestigious appointment of executioner-a promotion she never wanted. Now she has two important responsibilities: execute criminal vampires and protect her race’s Kamen, one of five ancient relics said to harness all magick in the DarqRealm. When the Kamen Rho swore to protect goes missing, she’s assigned the most important task of her life-join an interracial team with a magick mover, a werewolf and a shape shifter to recover what’s been lost. If she fails, the executioner will become the executed, and the magick held within the relics could be lost forever. As other Kamens start to disappear and the teammates struggle to trust one another, Rho discovers a physical bond with a powerful magick mover that shouldn’t be possible. With the survival of the entire DarqRealm compromised, she barely has time to deal with her temperamental teammates, much less a forbidden attraction. Rho and her team must put everything aside to find what they seek-before the enemy finds it first.”

3.5/5 stars

Magick Marked is a story that follows Rho (a vampire) who is sent on a quest with other paranormal beings (a magick mover, shifter, and werewolf) to retrieve a stolen stone called a kamen. These four teammates must put aside their differences with the each other and work together to stop a thief who wants to obtain all the kamens. Strange things happen along the way with a lot of action and twists. This is the first book of The Darqrealm Series.

The story is told in third person through Rho and Eldon (the magick mover)—but mostly through Rho. Rho is a fairly new vampire who is also an “executioner” to the King of the vampires. (The Prince of the vampires created her.) She was put in charge of protecting the vampire kamen. Before turning into a vampire, Rho had a troubled past that the reader finds out about. Coming together with the other supernatural characters is not something she is thrilled about, but she believes in her duty and carries out what must be done. As a strong female character, she does not like to feel weak or the need to be protected. Eldon is a magick mover – which is a like a wizard. He initially gives Rho a protective spell to keep the kamen safe. Eldon comes from a family (two sisters included in this book) that hates vampires and do not trust them. However, he finds himself thrown into this adventure with one. Being able to sense magic, Eldon can recognize fae magic, as well. A fae is not one represented among the team to bring back the kamen. Each species has its own norms and rules so that conflict can easily arise within the group.

Plot: The plot moves along well. There is plenty of action to read about. This is the first book in the series so do not expect all of your questions to be answered right away. There actually might be more questions by the time the book concludes. One tiny thing that was a little distracting for me was the cursing in the book. I’m not against cursing, and it can make the characters more realistic. However, I think it could have been cut down a smidge without taking away from the story. I also wondered how vampires can turn humans into vampires. I do not remember reading about that fact.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, I enjoyed the story. It has many paranormally elements (magic, vampires, shifters, werewolves, and fae.) The story held my interest throughout. If you like paranormal mysteries, you might want to give this book a shot



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