Promote Your Book for Free on My Blog

**This service is no longer available as of May 31, 2014**


Because of my great experiences with authors, I wanted to give back some more besides a review. I decided that I will create a post to promote your book for free. Yep, one whole day dedicated to you and your book for everyone to see.

Here are some details/rules if you are interested.

You must fill out this Promotion Form: Here

You will need the following information for the form:

1. Your name or pen name
2. The name of one book that you are promoting
3. The book’s summary – your own or official summary (If your book contains material that may be unsuitable for some audiences, please state so here)
4. Release date for the book
5. Formats it may be currently bought in (hardback, paperback, ebook, etc.)
6. Publisher
7. Genre (you may put more than one if applicable)
8. Your email address


Optional questions include:

1. Picture of the book cover
2. Links back to your sites and social media
3. Answering all or some of the following questions:
a.) What was the best thing about writing this book?
b.) Where did you get your idea for this story?
c.) What would you tell aspiring writers out there?
d.) What is your favorite book?
e.) Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
4. Anything else that you would like to add

Please proofread and check for grammatical errors. New policy is in place where I will only copy and paste your answers into a promotional template that will be posted. If you do not like your name or book properly capitalized, that’s up to you. Remember you are promoting your book and your writing skills will be noted by blog readers in this promotion.

I will set up your posting and send you an email back stating what day your book posting will premiere on the blog. If you do not hear anything within a week, please contact me on here by a comment below and I will look into it. Most promotions are scheduled within a few months of contacting me. Yes, I get that many and have only so many slots a week to fill. Please keep this in mind when including information about certain sale promotions or giveaways that you would want to include. It’s a good chance that they will be over by the time your promotion will be scheduled.

Postings will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Read below if you have any questions.

Questions & Answers

1. Great idea! Can I submit more than one book to be posted?
Yes, you may. However, only one book will be posted at a time. There will be at least one week space between your books – depending on the number of requests there are.

2. My book is really awesome! Can I submit the same book for another posting?
At this point, I will say yes. However, I will not post the same book until 3 months past the original posting. This means if your book posting is on July 1st, October 1st would be the next available day it would be posted again – also depending on the number of requests I get.

3. Do I have to be a follower of your blog or Twitter to submit my book?
Although it would be a nice gesture, no, you do not have to be a follower to submit your book for posting.

4. What if I want to change my mind?
You may change your mind up until 48 hours of the scheduled posting. Within 48 hours of posting, I cannot be held responsible if it is posted. After it is posted, it cannot be deleted. [I give a 48 advanced notice on Twitter for the upcoming posting.]

5. Is this for new or established authors?
It is for all authors of all genres. If you have a book that is or will be published, then you are eligible.

6. Are you going to purchase and review all the books promoted?
At this time, no. Please see the Reviewing section of this blog for information on reviews.

7. Does the cover picture have to be a certain size?
No. I would suggest making it around 200×300 pixels. (This is roughly the size I use in my reviews.)

8. I love this. Can I suggest this to my author friends?
Absolutely! The more the merrier!

9. What if there is something wrong in the posting?
If there is a blooper in the posting, please notify me ASAP, and I will edit the posting.

10. Are there any catches?
Nope, no catch. I just wanted to help out!

If your question is still unanswered, please leave a comment or contact me at


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