Review for Of Gaea by Victoria Escobar

of gaea

My Rating: 5/5

Author:  Victoria Escobar
Title:  Of Gaea (of Legacies) (Volume 1)

Genre:  Fantasy


Amazon Description:

“Her choice will change the world. She hated the wheelchair. Hated the way it made her feel less than what she was. Most of all she hated not being able to do all the things she used to. Ari had been a track and field star, an archery champion and an Eskrima pro. Now she was confined to a wheelchair slowly dying inside from its restraints. Medical science wasn’t working. The tests, the drugs, the therapies were all useless and a waste of time. She was tired of wasting her time; she was tired of failure. It was time to look away from the obvious and try something unconventional. Nothing was ever free and that included miracles. Abruptly, Ari finds herself tangled in a web of lies, questioning everything she’s ever known as truth. Never had she believed she’d be thrown headfirst into a world of good and evil, magic and Gods. Trapped in the middle of a war she had never known existed both parties demanded her allegiance. Ari was a catalyst that could change all the rules of the Earth. But when the time comes to make a choice will she be strong enough to know right from wrong?”


Of Gaea is a wonderful book about a young woman, Ari, whose life is turned upside.  After an “accident” that left her crippled, she seeks a way to be able to walk again. This leads her on a path of finding out who she really is and where she comes from. Her life and the people she loved are not all what they appear to be.

I haven’t read much on Greek mythology, but I didn’t have any trouble following along when something popped up in the book.  Things are explained throughout the book. The story is written in third person and mostly follows Ari (the main character.) Ari is a likeable character that has strengths and weaknesses (physical and other) that makes her realistic and relatable. The reader is strapped on for an adventure as Ari discovers the truth about her family and what is coming in the future.  She has choices to make that not only affect her both the world as well. Most characters fall under (I’ll say it like this) “pure”, “tainted”, and “balanced”.  Although these characteristics hinder some of their multi-dimensionalness (yes, I made that word up), it does not take away from the story and it’s not always so black and white.

The plot moved along well. At the beginning the reader knows something more is going on than meets the eye, but the information is discovered as Ari finds out. There were also a few surprises mixed along the way.

The good parts? The plot kept my interest and I enjoyed the character Ari. There’s was just enough action and information given as needed in the scenes.

The bad parts? The point of view would switch without notice and I would find myself stopping to think, “Wait. This isn’t Ari anymore. She wouldn’t say ‘she’….Oh, it’s Sasha!” [Perhaps in the next book there could be a line break between the change of views rather than normal paragraphs?]

Overall, it was a great read. I found myself at the end (with just a pinch full of pages) thinking how is she going to finish this book up.  It better not be a cliffhanger during a climax that leads to the next! [I hate that. Seriously, a book should be finished and not left off no matter if it is part of a series.] But, it wasn’t.  If you like fantasy book, especially with a little Greek mythology, then you should try this book.


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