Review for The Last Priestess by Elizabeth Baxter

the last priestess

My Rating: 3.5/5

Author:  Elizabeth Baxter
Title:  The Last Priestess (The Songmaker #1 A Fantasy Novel)

Genre:  Fantasy


Amazon Description:  “There is a name that is uttered only in whispers. The Songmaker. A ruthless rebel mage, he is bringing civil war to the once-peaceful kingdom of Amaury, enveloping all in a tide of violence. For Maegwin, a tormented priestess, the path forward lies in forgiving her temple’s enemies—but she dreams only of revenge. For Rovann, a loyal mage haunted by his failures, salvation might be found in the unthinkable: defying the very king he swore to protect. If they are to succeed they must form an unlikely alliance. For someone must stand against the Songmaker. Someone must save Amaury from his dark designs. But first, they’ll have to learn to trust each other.
And so a magical fantasy of darkness and redemption begins.”


The Last Priestess is a fantasy novel that takes the reader on an adventure with Maegwin and Rovann.  An evil mage is threatening the lands, and together they must try to stop him.

The book is written in third person narrative following Maegwin and Rovann.  Maegwin is the last priestess after an attack on her temple, leaving all her sisters dead. Maegwin is out for revenge. Her mind is in conflict between good and evil (mercy and revenge.) Rovann, the First Mage, takes Maegwin to the capital whereupon they learn and gain proof of the evil mage that threatens the land. Rovann is not your pure hero and suffers guilt of his own. Trust is very thin between these two characters. As you can tell, the characters were well developed and multi-dimensional.

The plot is fast paced, going from one adventure to another. Jumping realms and trying to stop and fight evil mages and their supporters are all part of the story. The plot kept my interest and moved at a nice pace. Two things that I found lacking in the plot were:
One, the idea behind the rebels and king’s supporters was not fully explained in this book. I almost forgot about it until it was mentioned later in the story.
Two, the ending was abrupt for me. It seemed like an end of a chapter rather than the book.  I didn’t feel that the main problems were resolved for this book, and it was left off at part of the climax.  I understand it is the first book in a series, but each book should have its own resolution while leaving room for the next story.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, I enjoyed the book. I would have given it 4 stars if it wasn’t for the abrupt ending. Hence, I would rate it at a 3.5 stars out of 5. If you like fantasy adventure and complex characters, you might want to try this book out.



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