Review for The Amber Rooms by Ian Hocking

The Amber Rooms

My Rating: 4/5

Author:  Ian Hocking
Title: The Amber Rooms (The Saskia Brandt Series Book Three)

Genre:  Techno-thriller

Background: “It is the night of September 5th, 1907, and the Moscow train is approaching St Petersburg. Traveling first class appears to be a young Russian princess and her fiancé. They are impostors. In the luggage carriage are the spoils of the Yerevan Square Expropriation, the greatest bank heist in history. The money is intended for Finland, and the hands of a man known to the Tsarist authorities as The Mountain Eagle — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.”


The Amber Rooms is the third book in the Saskia Brandt series. It continues with what happens to Saskia in Flashback (the second book). Although a person could get away with reading this book as a standalone, I would suggest reading the first and second book. It has references to both. [I have a review for each of these books – Deja Vu and Flashback.]

The main character of this third person narrative is Saskia who adopts many names along the course of the book. She still is a strong likeable character as she was in the other books. This time her adventures take her to Russia – picture Bolsheviks, Lenin, etc. She is yet again involved with crimes and ninja-type maneuvers. The other characters, like the other books in the series, where complex and drawn out. (And yes, Ego does make a guest appearance in this book as well. I’ll let you read how.)

In The Amber Rooms, Saskia is trying to gain access to the Amber Room at the Summer Palace where she believes at certain points of time she can go home to the future. However, this is not an easy task. She is running out of time and she is involved with some unsavory characters from a heist. The plot for me really took off just after the halfway point of the book. This is where things start coming together and the back story of what happened prior is explained. There are some surprises and the reader wonders how this might affect the future (that we know from the prior books.)

The Bottom Line:
Overall, it was a good read. I finished reading it in about two days. There is room for another book at the end after the reader is left wondering what will happen to Saskia.


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