Review of Gravity by Abigail Boyd


My Rating:  4/5

Author:  Abigail Boyd
Gravity (Gravity Series #1)

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Facing fears/discovery

Amazon Description: “One night in the town of Hell, Ariel’s best friend goes missing. Those around her believe Jenna ran away, but when Ariel is tormented by nightmares and paranormal activity, she realizes Jenna’s disappearance was part of a bigger mystery. Ariel’s obsession with haunted houses and horror movies makes her the perfect detective.

But to complicate matters, a handsome newcomer named Henry Rhodes plagues her with unwanted attention. Though he doesn’t believe in the supernatural events, she enlists his help and that of quirky nerd Theo. What is making the lights at school flicker? And why did Ariel dream of the old abandoned Dexter orphanage? When Ariel finally discovers the truth, it’s much worse than she ever feared.”

I actually really liked this book. I’ll try to keep this spoiler-free, so excuse some vagueness.


This story is written in first person; hence the main character is Ariel. Ariel is a character that in another author’s hands could be really annoying, but Boyd did a wonder job with her. Ariel is going through a rough time in this book, and her character – although strong – felt realistic to me. She wasn’t perfect and showed weaknesses. These are the characteristics that could make or break a character. In my opinion, it was done well. Another character that I liked was Theo. She was a fun, supporting character to the novel.

The plot kept me interested. I had time to read, so it only took me 2 days to read the entire book. There were twist and turns in the story. Even though I would classify this as a paranormal book, it was written in a way that it didn’t take over the whole book. I was not swallowed up by the weird happenings that centered on Ariel. It kept me guessing who was making those weird noises, was someone a killer, and what ever happened to so-and-so. The ending tied up most loose ends, but obviously not all of them so the reader (if he/she liked the book) would want to continue to the next book in the series. One thing that I wish the plot included at the end were little more hints to McPherson.

The Bottom Line:
Overall, it was well-written book, especially for the young adult genre (which can be touch and go for someone outside that age.) When I get the chance, I wouldn’t mind continuing the series and seeing what happens to Ariel.


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